London’s Tower Bridge: A Must Visit Attraction

Are you in the process of planning a trip to London, England? If so, you may soon begin to research sites to see. One of London’s most well-known attractions and a must-visit for all tourists is the London Tower Bridge Exhibition. Not only does this landmark play a significant role in history, but it provides a great view of the city.

Construction was completed on the Tower Bridge in 1894. Sir Horace Jones designed it. Right away, it was determined this bridge would be a source of attraction for those visiting. For the time it was built, the architecture and engineering were the best. Above the bridge, are two elevated walkways. At the time, this was unique in that visitors were able to cross the river even when the bridge bascules were opened.

As previously stated, the London Tower Bridge is most well-known for its amazing view of the city, but there is a great history behind this landmark. For information on that history, all you need to do is step inside.

Tower Bridge London

When the London Tower Bridge was built, it was considered the “largest and most sophisticated” bascule bridge at that time. The bascules were operated by hydraulic power, which was stored for immediate reuse. Today, hydraulic power is still used to power the bridge, but electricity is also. You can learn about this neat fact, as well as others surrounding the construction of the London Tower Bridge with a visit inside.

Speaking of neat facts, the official website for the London Tower Bridge Exhibition claims that in 1910, the high walkways were closed due to unpopularity. To their surprise, many preferred to watch the bascules rise from the bottom. Starting in 1994 until the present time, the bridge is now available for private party rentals. With its view, this is a great location for a London wedding.

You can enjoy an independent tour of the London Tower Bridge. Tour guides are not available for private, small group tours; however, staff members are always on hand to answer questions that may arise. With detailed displays, hands-on exhibits, and films, you will learn all you need to know about the construction, history, and importance of the London Tower Bridge.

visit London Tower Bridge

For a unique look at the London Tower Bridge Exhibition, a private evening tour or a behind the scenes tour is recommended. Both have increased admission fees, but allow you to enjoy the landmark like never before. An evening tour could include a magnificent sunset. A behind the scene tour allows you to explore areas of the exhibition that are off-limits to the public, including the control room, a bascule chamber below the riverbed, and much more.

As for the view, you will be amazed at what you can see from the top of the towers and elevated walkways. The view includes St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Canary Wharf, the London Eye, and the River Thames. What is unique is the individual windows, which enable you to take great photographs without glass hindering the quality.

Even today, the bascules rise to allow river traffic to pass. This is a sight worth waiting for. The London Tower Bridge Exhibition is open daily, with hours varying depending on the season. For updated information on hours and admission prices, verify ahead of your visit.

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