Look and Feel Good with Healthy Skin

Achieving a Better You Through Healthy Skin

We receive criticism daily, and when done constructively, it can drive us to self-improvement. To achieve such a feat, we can subscribe to a myriad of ways, all of which depend on what aspect of our persons we wish to see improvement.

Do you want to look and feel better, appearance-wise? The first step to achieving such a feat is improving the conditions of our skin.

Why Focus On Our Skin

Our skin is vital for two reasons. One, it’s the largest organ of our bodies. Two, it acts as our main barrier against the outside elements. Every layer of our skin plays a role in keeping us safe. Without any of them, we are more susceptible to bacterial infection and sunlight damage. Healthy skin is also known to produce vitamin D– a nutrient needed for healthy bones.

In terms of aesthetics, it is also a major confidence boost to be able to look at our skin without instantly detecting imperfections.

How to Improve Skin Condition

Improving our skin can be accomplished through a myriad of ways, with some processes taking longer than others. The period it takes for something to take effect shouldn’t be our main deciding factor, though, since perfect skin takes time to achieve.

Proper Diet

Growing up, we’ve been taught that a proper diet can lead to better lives. That is still applicable to this day, especially if we wish to have smooth and clear skin. When changing our diets, the easiest route to take is to replace sugary drinks with more water.

Sodas, in particular, can dehydrate our skin. For some people, sugar intake can even cause breakouts. In contrast, water helps our bodies flush out toxins that can cause breakouts and problems like psoriasis and eczema. The minimum healthy amount for adults is 16 cups a day.

As for food, some to note are fatty fishes like salmon and mackerel since these can combat inflammation and acne. Meanwhile, nuts like almonds and walnuts are filled with healthy fats, proteins, and vitamins E and B. These nutrients can help keep our skin clear and moist.

“Additionally, our friends at have put together an informative list of different types of nuts while breaking down the health benefits of the food. “

Skincare Routine

We can expect better results when we accompany our healthy diets with proper skincare regimens that suit our skin types. Now, there are two paths to choose from when creating our routines. One is with a professional derma, and the other is through online reviews. Both are helpful, but the latter option is free and is popular with the majority. By reading reviews, we can figure out if products from certain brands, like Origani or Clinique, will help us with our skin needs.

It’s important to note first if the reviewer has the same skin type as us. That can be normal, oily, dry, combination, or sensitive. Knowing this bit of information can help us narrow our results before we try out the products to see which ones work best with our skin and budgets.

Quitting Harmful Habits

The best step towards a better lifestyle, not just skin, is by slowly letting go of habits that do us no good. The two best examples are drinking alcohol and smoking. Drinking too much alcohol can deprive our bodies of the moisture and nutrients that it needs. As a result, our skin ends up looking dull and becomes more prone to breakouts and other problems.

On the other hand, smoking leaves our skin dehydrated and dull-looking because it replaces the oxygen in our skin with carbon monoxide. Regular smoking can also result in premature aging and, at worst, skin cancer.

With these ways in mind, we can focus not only on improving our skin’s condition but also on boosting our confidence. We can have a better outlook of ourselves when we apply these steps in our lives.

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