Low Carb, Keto Brisket Recipe

When I first started my keto diet, one of my biggest fears was missing out. I know that being on a diet means that you cannot enjoy all the foods that you used to or the quantity of them at least, but what I really feared was not being able to enjoy all of my favorite summer foods like brisket. 

That fear, of course, vanished when I came across this fantastic low carb keto brisket recipe, as it only contains ingredients that help me to stay on my keto course. 

Low carb, Keto Brisket Recipe

Are you on a keto diet? Or perhaps you are simply looking to eat a little healthier and watch your fat intake. Whatever the reason, this page has been made for you, as I will go on to list the ingredients and directions for you to make the most superb low carb, keto brisket. 


Raring to start making this low carb keto brisket recipe? Then gather together the following ingredients for you to start preparing your masterpiece.

  • 5 lb beef brisket (with the fat trimmed off)
  • ½ a cup of low fat, sugar-free Texas BBQ seasoning
  • 4 tbsps of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 ⅓ cup of beef stock dissolved in hot water
  • 4 tbsps of apple cider vinegar
  • 4 tbsps of sugar-free or light tomato ketchup


Poised and ready to make this low fat, keto friendly, juicy beef brisket? Here are all of the instructions you will need to cook the brisket to a T. Follow the instructions below carefully in order to yield the very best results.

  1. Start by using a small bowl to mix together the Texas BBQ seasoning and tomato ketchup. 
  2. Baste the brisket with the extra virgin olive oil and then place the cut of brisket onto a meat preparation board and then rub the seasoning mix into the brisket with your hands.
  3. Place the brisket into the slow cooker and pour in the apple cider vinegar and stock. 
  4. Allow it to cook in the slow cooker for 5 hours on low heat or until the meat is soft when probed.
  5. Place the brisket onto a wooden chopping board and allow it to sit for 10 minutes (this allows time for the juices to flow back to the center of the meat).
  6. Slice the brisket and tip the juices left behind in the slow cooker over the meat when served.

Add some sides

Have you already prepared this scrumptious keto friendly low-fat beef brisket recipe, but have got the whole family coming over and are not sure what to put with it? Don’t worry, as here are some of the very best sides to put with your brisket. The best thing about these sides is that they are all keto approved, so now you can really indulge!

  • Boiled corn on a cob with low-fat butter and homemade low fat slaw.
  • Grilled parsnips, carrots and squash with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 bean and diced black olive salad 

Have you got the whole family coming over at the weekend, waiting in eager anticipation to taste the keto friendly beef brisket meal that you have been raving about since last summer? Not too sure what to serve? Why not try plating up more than one side from the list mentioned above so that your guests can choose the appetizer that they would like the most.

There you have it! The very best sugar reducing and fat fighting keto friendly brisket, cooked in a slow cooker. Don’t forget to share this recipe if and of course, happy summer!

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