Lowell Farms Opens Marijuana Lounge

In a world that is constantly changing, it is important for innovative ideas to find their place in society. One such idea is a Cannabis Cafe. It is about to become a reality in West Hollywood, with the opening of the Lowell Cafe, which has the distinct honor of being the first of its kind to open in the United States. This cafe is set to target a demographic of customers that have already incorporated cannabis into their life.

Marijuana Lounge

Cannabis Kitchen

With the kitchen run by Andrea Drummer, a chef well-known throughout the U.S. for her knowledge of both food prep and Cannabis, high-quality products are served to customers every day. The restaurant uses natural, organically grown ingredients and boasts a menu no other could dream of offering. Everything on the menu is created with diners’ highly refined senses in mind. This is what makes the Lowell Cafe more unique than any other. Being in California, the menu incorporates local flavors using ingredients grown throughout the state.

Even the flower used by Lowell Cafe’s dishes is grown organically and at nearby farms. These farms grow the flower from materials found in nature. They stay natural from the time they are picked until the time the cafe uses them.

A Natural Cafe

It isn’t just the kitchen at Lowell Cafe that is all-natural. Its indoor and outdoor seating gives its customers the freedom to dine where they want to. Featuring foliage that can only be described as lush, the small touches by local artisan make this restaurant feel like a natural choice for diners. Natural materials are used throughout the cafe to make them feel more at home.

A Wide Line Of Products

Aside from cannabis oil and cigarettes, Lowell Farms’ product line includes smoking accessories such as metal carrying cases and wooden kits for rolling. In addition, customers can purchase clothing, stickers, and posters with the Lowell name on them. The company even offers customized vending machines for sale.

Unique Services

One of the services that set this cafe apart from others is its Tableside Flower Service. Essentially, it is the cafe’s version of the typical sommelier service, but for cannabis. A cafe host works with diners to teach them about the dishes on the menu. While they are doing so, hosts are actively rolling cannabis cigarettes to be smoked during the meal. Diners can also request dabs and bongs, to add to the experience.

Exciting Events

In addition to dining and table service, Lowell’s also plans on holding regularly scheduled events. Sundays will be for brunches, enhanced by a string quartet performing diverse genres of music, from classical to rock. Panels and chats held at the cafe will cover the subject of cannabis, but also many other subjects.

Live performances of musical shows and comedy nights are also among the events planned for the Lowell Cafe. It can also be rented out for private events such as movie premieres, industry parties, and more.

A Place To Relax

Above all, Lowell Cafe Cannabis Cafe is a place to sit, relax and enjoy some delicious dishes accompanied by a cannabis cigarette. The atmosphere of the cafe encourages diners to forget their worries and enjoy the finer things in life. A safe haven for those who smoke cannabis, Lowell Cafe is set to take over West Hollywood.

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