Luxurious Bath Towel Sets

The only thing better than having a delightfully refreshing bath is wrapping yourself in a sheath of heaven—in luxurious bath towel sets.

The only thing better than having a delightfully refreshing bath is wrapping yourself in a sheath of heaven—in luxurious bath towel sets.

Here is a quick guide to luxury bath towel sets!


What makes a Bath Towel Set

When it comes to buying a bath towel set it helps to know that there are several things that come in a set for bath towels. Usually, a bath towel set contains three types of towels

  1. Bath Towels: as their name suggests, these bath towels are the largest sized in a set that are used for drying oneself after a bath. These are large as to be able to cover a greater surface area of skin and enable a faster drying. 2. Hand Towels: these are the medium-sized towels in the set and are used for drying hands and faces after washing.3. Washcloth: washcloths are the smallest sized towels that come in a set. These are used for effectively drying small parts of the body as well as exfoliating during showering.

Bear in mind that not all bath towel sets contain three different types of towels. Some bath towel sets usually just contain three same sized towels specifically used after bathing. Thus, it is important that you check what your bath towel set contains before purchasing it.


Popular Luxury Bath Towel Material

When it comes to luxurious bath towels, one of the most crucial determining factors is the material the bath towel is made of. It is a commonly known fact that there are some materials that are softer, and much plusher than others, thus increasing the luxurious post-bath feel. Here is a quick evaluation of the different types of materials that bath towels are often made of.

  • Cotton: bath towels are generally found to be made of cotton. There are different types of cotton available, where normal bath towels are made of a standard cotton material. The more luxurious end of bath towels are made of Egyptian cotton that have ultra-fibrous threads suited for greater absorption. These are also what give luxurious bath towels their signature “fluffy” looks. • Modal: this material is made using the cellulose that comes from beech trees that is reputed for being extremely absorbing and fade-proof. • Microfiber: this is a synthetic type of bath towel that has flooded the markets due to its ready availability and fast absorption. These towels are manufactured using engineered fibers that are super light and effective for drying. Moreover, their weight while being wet is also not very heavy. • Bamboo: one of the newer bath towel materials on the block is the kind that uses bamboo or hemp. These are organic, eco-friendly towels that are known to be extremely soft and velvety to touch, while also having the ability to avoid being affected by mildew.

There are many more materials used for towels besides these, though these are found most frequently in popular luxurious bath towel sets.


Average Size of Bath Towels

One aspect highlighting the luxuriousness of some bath towel sets is the size of the bath towels themselves. Here is a list of the common sizes of different tower types:

  • Bath Towel: 30 x 56 inches• Bath Sheet: 40 x 70 inches• Hand Towel: 20 x 30 inches• Washcloth: 12 x 12 inches

For some people luxury is a bath sheet that envelops on completely, while for others it’s a quality washcloth to scrub with during a shower.



As the definition of luxury varies from person to person, the perfect bath towel is one that best suits your personal needs. With the various options available in markets, it has become much easier to own and love your luxurious bath towel sets!


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