Luxury Pet Carrier Airline Approved Designs: The Best Solution to Reduce Stress While Travelling with Your Furry Friends

While you do it to get away from the busy life in the city, relax, and unwind, traveling can still cause anxiety in some way. Being unfamiliar with a new place, the language barriers, and other unexpected situations that make you lose your sense of control over things can make certain parts of your trip a bit stressful, rather than fun.

Now, add to that the need to bring your precious dog or cat with you—it makes things more complicated, especially when boarding.

puppy inside a luxury pet carrier airline approved bag

Lucky for you, there is one good solution to make things easier for you—luxury pet carrier airline-approved designs. Not only that these carriers can lessen the stress of having to navigate through the airport, but they also keep your furball comfortable and safe while on the go.

Types of Airline Approved Pet Carriers

To determine the pet carrier that best fits your animal companion, you should know the different types, first.

Hard-Side Carrier

Also known as a travel dog kennel, this carrier provides the best protection for medium and large dogs. It is also a good option if you go on a long trip. With hard sides, it is durable enough to withstand heavy chewing and prevents your dog from escaping.

Soft-Sided Carrier

This carrier usually comes as a bag or purse, so it is ideal for smaller dogs and cats. Due to its high portability, it is also more convenient to use.

It is perfect if you want your precious companion in arm’s reach at all times when traveling. It is also very fashionable, like the designer pet bags and carriers here.

However, soft-sided carriers are not recommended for dogs that are heavy chewers.

Carrier with Wheels

This is quite similar to a soft-side carrier, only that it has wheels. Thus, it adds the convenience of being able to pull behind your furry friends when you get tired of carrying them on your shoulder. As such, it is one of the most recommended luxury pet carrier airline-approved options on the market today.

Backpack Carrier

This type of pet carrier is perfect for those who love to bring their furry little friends hiking. It is an easy way to allow your pooch to join your outdoor adventures, apart from having to run alongside you. As energetic as they are, dogs also get exhausted during long hikes.

How to Choose the Best Carrier for Your Pet

When buying a carrier for your dog or cat, you just need to consider some important points to make the right choice.

  • Dog Size – First, you must measure the size and height of your dog. Then, choose a carrier that is a perfect fit, but is still comfortable for your dog to make reasonable movements.

For smaller dogs and cats, a pet carrier bag that does not exceed 48 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm in dimension is a good option that allows them to be brought inside the cabin. Most airlines also allow a combined weight of the pet and the carrier of up to 20 pounds (lbs). Anything more than this specified weight and measurements would require your pet to be placed in the cargo hold.

  • Safety – Your pet’s well-being is one of your top priorities while traveling, so you need to make sure your carrier has excellent safety features. You should be able to close it securely while you are in transit. Of course, it should allow enough ventilation so your furry friend can breathe easily inside. Better yet, it should have a soft cushion for utmost comfort.
  • Style – Modern pet carriers come in a wide range of designs and colors, so you will definitely find one that satisfies your usage requirements and suits your fashion sense. There are smaller dog carrier bags and purses that complement your outfit while you carry it around. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there are also pet carrier backpacks that let you carry a small dog or a cat while keeping your hands free while hiking.
  • Quality – This is most probably the most important thing to look into when it comes to pet carriers. Your option should be durable enough to withstand your activities during a trip. Better yet, it should be made of washable materials, so you can use it for multiple trips over a long period of time.

Knowing the Airline Policies for Pet Carriers

Aside from the size, safety, style, and quality, it is also important that the one you choose is a luxury pet carrier airline-approved design. Before you leave home, you must know and confirm the policies set by your chosen airline for bringing pets.

Most airlines allow smaller dogs and cats to be in the cabin, given that their carrier fits under your seat. If not, then they will be placed in the cargo hold.

However, individual airlines may impose different policies for flying with pets. The fees could also vary. That is why you need to speak with the airline regarding this matter when booking your flight.

You can also research the specific restrictions set by most airlines about transporting cats and dogs.

3 of the Best Airline-Approved Pet Carriers on the Market Today

dog inside a pet carrier bag

To help narrow down your options, we have listed some of the best pet carriers that are approved by most airlines today.

1. Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier

This is a spacious pet carrier that is scratch-proof and water-resistant. It comes with features that make it convenient to use and comfortable for your pooch, including a breathable side mesh with a window and a double zip-around closure.

It also has an exterior pocket that you can use for storing small items and accessories, such as leashes, collars, and ID holders, as well as dog treats.

2. Gucci Dog Carrier Purse

This dog purse is usually beige or ebony in color with brown leather trim. It has mesh panels at the sides, so your precious pup will be comfortable inside. It also has a zip-top opening and sling handles, so it is easy to carry. Moreover, it is easy to clean with its removable and washable interior cushion.  

3. Discreet Dog Purse

This dog purse, designed by a popular clothing brand, also has the necessary feats for a good pet carrier. It is made of materials that are safe and comfortable for your precious animal friend.

It is important to take note that these options are good for smaller dogs. This means they can be hand-carried and placed under your seat inside the airplane.

If you have a large dog, then a heavy-duty pet crate that can be placed inside the cargo hold is a better option.

Final Thoughts

Never choose a cheap pet carrier for traveling. You will not have peace of mind worrying about whether or not it would last the trip, thus adding to the stress.

To ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience with your beloved animal companion, only choose airline-compliant carriers that are manufactured by reputable brands.

If you need more tips and information on pet ownership, check out our other articles!

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