Mac vs PC Comparison Guide: How to Choose Your Next Computer

Did you know that at least 89% of U.S. households own a computer? The use of computers for social networking, business, entertainment, and other crucial interactions has contributed to their popularity. If you’re looking to buy a computer, you’ll need to compare Mac vs. PC to know which will be your ideal computer.

While these computers have their benefits, their stack differences are undeniable. You might want to consider each with its pros and cons to establish which option will work for you. Keep reading for the Mac vs. PC comparison.

Defining Mac and PC

A PC often refers to a computer running on the Windows OS. It is usually described as an IBM-compatible computer, meaning that the IBM microprocessor is based on its architecture. Some of the operating systems compatible with PCs include Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Conversely, Macintosh, which is popularly referred to as Mac, is a brand name covering several computers developed and designed by Apple. Mac devices can run all the operating systems such as Mac OS, Vista, and Windows.

Each of these types of computers has a distinct following. However, they have subtle differences that you can’t afford to ignore when shopping for a computer.

Mac Vs. PC Comparison

As it stands, the differences between Mac and PC are reducing significantly. Windows computers have been upgrading their system over the years to compete favorably with Macs. Here are some of the considerations that you may want to check out:

The Operating System

One of the aspects differentiating Mac and Windows is their operating systems. Windows has a feature-rich OS with more options for customization. However, it is quite complex as compared to macOS.

Mac has a simple and streamlined operating system. Mac computers come preloaded with the software you’ll be using for regular tasks. Unlike Windows, where you get the trial versions, Mac offers a great sense of convenience when it comes to software.

If you’re considering getting yourself a Mac computer, you might want to understand how macOS Catalina works. It comes with features such as the Launchpad and the Mission Control that you’ll find quite useful. macOS has remained smooth and fast, meaning that your computer will have optimal speed.

Windows 10, which is the last version, has several additional features despite having a visual design that has remained consistent over the years. A notable addition is the menu’s live tiles that make it easier to browse through the content. However, the desktop and the taskbar have been unchanged over the years.


Design is arguably one of the aspects that have differentiated PCs and Macs. While Apple has some unique capabilities like a feature to search for words, its design is among the top factors that made its popularity surge.

Steve Jobs was keen on Apple products’ outward appearance, which made the brand get the buzz that it still enjoys today.

Macs are well-designed; their sleek and visual appeal is undeniable. PC manufacturers have been trying to match up the design of their computers with Mac, but they are yet to reach the level enjoyed by Mac.

PCs have different manufacturers, which makes them have several varying designs. From the space-age aesthetics to the utilitarian design, Windows has different designs to choose from. It wouldn’t be surprising to get a design that is more compelling than a Mac.


Security is a major concern when using computers. In the first half of 2020, there were 540 cases of publicly reported data breaches. While cases are a 33% drop from the cases reported in the first six months of 2019, cybersecurity is still a concern whether using Macs or computers.

Microsoft Windows is more popular on computers, making attackers focus more on PCs. You might have to deal with malware such as Trojans when using your PC. These types of threats rarely attack Macs.

Nonetheless, it would be best to maintain high-security measures when using Macs. Attackers keep devising viruses that you’ll hardly recognize. With the increasing popularity of Macs, the threats will also surge inevitably.

When comparing Mac vs. PC, the security features of the Mac are incomparable to PCs. As such, Mac computers are more secure, but you’ll still need to consider ways to improve your security when using either of the devices.

Price Comparison

Price is one of the primary factors cited when comparing Macs and PCs. Mac products are quite pricier than most PC models. You’ll hardly find a Mac that’s less than $999!

With the lowest-costing Mac, you can have almost three PCs for the same price. So, if you’re using the price as the main determinant, PCs will take the trophy.

When looking at Mac benefits, you’ll realize why it costs more. From the design to the functionality, everything about Mac screams its high-end. You shouldn’t feel limited as you can get equally appealing PCs with a lower budget.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most striking differences between PCs and Macs. Macs have been getting high ratings on phone hold time, reliability, and service experience. These computers rank high in recommendations.

Apple has been keen on service provision as every Apple store has technicians who are willing to help. On the contrary, PC manufacturers often ship their service centers abroad. If your computer has a problem, you have to deal with intermediaries before reaching the actual company.

The presence of Apple in countries where it has its products has made customer service more exceptional. While PCs also have great customer service, they can’t match Apple as customers will often air their issues to third parties.

Comparing Mac Vs. PC Before Buying a Computer Is Crucial

Mac and Windows computers have significant differences in their outlook on their software. You might need to compare Mac vs. PC to establish what would work for you. Both have outstanding benefits that you’ll enjoy working with either.

Your choice will depend on how you intend to use your computer. Keep researching for Mac vs. PC pros and cons to settle for the ideal option.

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