Magic Mushrooms as a Kind of Natural Drug

Hallucinogenic mushrooms are one of the few natural drugs that are available to modern man. Their difference from the ordinary ones is the content of the substance psilocybin. It is this substance that is responsible for the hallucinations. This feature of some species of mushrooms was known thousands of years ago.

Types of mushrooms 

Today, there are 190 species of such mushrooms in nature. Therefore, the availability of this drug is very high. The hallucinogenic mushroom can be grown even at home. You just need to know the peculiarities of the technological process and create the necessary conditions for the mushrooms.

In order to make psilocybin work, microdosing shroom is eaten or brewed in the form of tea. These mushrooms are also added to other dishes. They have a bitter taste, which is why some cannot consume the drug pure. The peculiarity of the hallucinogenic substance is that its properties don’t disappear after heat treatment. Therefore, lovers of mushrooms are able to do whatever they want with them.

The effect of 

At the first use of magic mushroom delivery, the first sensation can be nausea. Usually, people try mushrooms for the sake of a pleasant sensation, but this is not always achieved. Many users, on the contrary, have experienced excitement, fear, and the feeling that they are going crazy. It is impossible to predict what effect the first use of mushrooms will have.

The effects of short-term use are:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • high spirits, euphoria (giggles, laughter);
  • hallucinations and altered perceptions (e.g., time seems to slow down);
  • sensitivity to light;
  • drowsiness;
  • dilated pupils;
  • itchy feet and hands;
  • hypertension and heart palpitations;
  • rapid breathing;
  • chills;
  • aggressive behavior;
  • loss of muscle control, and impaired coordination.

Visual and auditory hallucinations, the inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality may occur when using psilocybin. Panic or psychosis may occur, especially when psilocybin is used in large quantities.

The risks associated with long-term psilocybin use are primarily mental, not physical. Although animal experiments have shown that large amounts of psilocybin can be deadly, deaths in humans are quite rare. With prolonged use, the most typical effects are agitation, panic, flashbacks, memory impairment, decreased motivation, and optical illusions without using the substance.

Effects with prolonged use:

  • flashbacks – hallucinations suddenly return weeks or even years after the hallucinogen’s use has stopped;
  • memory problems;
  • panic attacks;
  • loss of motivation;
  • visions, optical illusions.

Side effects

Psilocybin use may result in:

  • intense fear;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • gas and intestinal discomfort;
  • mental confusion;
  • may contribute to the manifestation of mental illness;
  • memory problems.

Consumption during pregnancy leads to a high risk of pregnancy termination. There is an increased risk of premature birth, placenta detachment, low birth weight, and various health problems as the child grows up. It has also been observed that children of women who took hallucinogens during pregnancy are more likely to have birth defects.


As a rule, psilocybin is not addictive. One reason for this is the negative side effects, which do not make you want to use psilocybin regularly. Still, the body develops a tolerance to psilocybin, and one needs increasingly larger doses to achieve the desired effect. And in this case, in turn, the negative side effects increase, reducing the desire to try the substance again.

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