Main Tourist Attractions In South America That Are Not To Be Missed

South America is a rich and vast continent, abundant with verdant rainforests rife with exotic animals, and white sand beaches that stretch for miles and miles. Traveling in South America can completely change your life and is often at the top of many to-do lists. The climate differs throughout the continent, from temperate to absurdly hot, and offers many different activities for the budding adventurer.

Traveling in South America is largely safe, but there are isolated incidents of violence against tourists. There are some areas and countries in South America that are despite this, however, far too dangerous for tourists to visit. South America is beautiful, rich, and green. If you want an experience that will define the rest of your life, then South America is that. 

Here are some of the main tourist attractions in South America that are not to be missed.

Take a Tour of South America

Taking a tour of South America is a great way to spend a vacation. If you are less of an adventurer and more of a day tripper, then you have likely visited this website to find out some simple ways to see the sights, but still, stay in a nice hotel and eat well. Well, the simplest way to traverse South America’s rugged landscape is to take a tour.

Tour guides will transport you and ferry you around South America and take you to all of the tourist hotspots. Traveling with a tour guide is perhaps the safest way to see South America, and while not the most adventurous, can still offer you a safe, easy, and comfortable way to see everything you have set out to see. These tours can be very reasonably priced and should be looked into.

Angel Falls

For the more daring adventurer, hiking through the Canaima National Park, Venezuela is a great way to spend your vacation. In the Canaima National Park lies the world-renowned Angel Falls, which is the world’s highest and largest uninterrupted waterfall, and is adored for its ravishing beauty. Angel Falls is approximately one-hundred and seventy feet at its peak, and over fifteen times higher than Canada’s Niagara Falls.

The park also offers travelers the ability to see an abundance of exotic wildlife and hike through dense jungle. Angel Falls is one of the most popular sights you can see in South America, and for good reason, as it is stunning.

Easter Island

Easter Island in Chile is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The Easter Island Heads are mysterious monoliths that were carved over a thousand years ago by the Rapa Nui people. There are many theories as to what the statues are meant to represent, and why they are carved with such unique features, but they are just theories, and the answers lie with the people who carved them.

The Easter Island heads are a wonderful way to spend your summer vacation and will likely be an experience you will never forget. Recently it was discovered that the Easter Island heads have bodies hidden beneath the surface of the ground, which is astounding, and one wonders what other mysteries will be uncovered about the monoliths in years to come.

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador are world-renowned for their stunning beauty and unique wildlife. The islands have been studied for many years for their primeval beauty and their exotic animals. Many tourists, unfortunately, do not set foot on the island but rather go on island cruises, which is still a great way to see the animals there, if a little impersonal.

The Uyuni Salt Flat

Salar de Uyuni is a magnificent stretch of salt flats that is the largest in the world. It was formerly a lake that dried up thousands of years ago, leaving behind an almost desert-like stretch of salt. The flat is approximately eleven thousand square kilometers and is made up entirely of dried, bright white salt. Hardly any wildlife can survive on the flat, apart from, of course, its famous flamingos. Yes, the flat is overrun with flamingos that roam all over the dried-up lake.

The Inca Temples

The Inca moon and sun temples are some of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The Inca temples are fantastic examples of ancient innovation and are said to have been used for astrological purposes. The temples themselves are beautifully designed and can be visited at any time of year. They are usually very busy, so try to go in off-peak months for a more intimate and adventurous experience.

The temples are overrun with scorpions, so try as best you can to avoid them, otherwise, you may get a nasty surprise.

The Inca Temples

Now you know some of the most popular and beautiful destinations to visit in South America. You should not waste any time visiting while you still can. South America can change your life.

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