The Main Types of Perfume: 5 Shopping Tips

Looking for ideas on how to find the perfect scent? Creating your signature scent is just as important to your personal style as your wardrobe choices. But, wearing perfume gets complicated with the number of varieties available.

Use this guide if you’re new to the world of perfume options and don’t know where to start perfume shopping. Read on to learn the five main types of perfume on the market. And, find your signature scent today!

Strengths of the Types of Perfume

Your individual style is a representation of who you are. You present yourself to the world by how you style your hair, your wardrobe choices, and the impression you leave with your scent. The strength of your personal scent helps make you memorable to others.

Some types of perfumes have a long-lasting scent that stays in a room long after the wearer has left. Others are more delicate and subtle. Choosing from the five strength types when perfume shopping helps you determine the right one for you.


Parfum is the strongest out of the perfume options. It has the highest concentration of fragrance. Parfum fragrances have the highest price tag out of all the kinds of perfume because of the volume of rare fragrance oils they contain.

Parfum fragrances last the longest on the skin. These luxury perfumes are a good choice for people with sensitive skin because they have low alcohol levels. A small amount goes a long way!

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum is a popular choice for applying perfume every day. It lasts a long time on the skin and is more cost-friendly than Parfum. Eau de Parfum has the second highest concentration of fragrance oils after Parfum.

These kinds of perfume fragrances also last throughout the day and make a strong impression on others. A popular option while perfume shopping is the Eau de Parfum Lady Million 80ml.

Eau de Toilette

These are more budget-friendly options for the many kinds of perfume available. Eau de Toilette is the most common type of perfume fragrance on the market. They present lighter on the skin and don’t wear as long due to the lower amount of fragrance oils.

With higher alcohol content in the mixture, these perfumes evaporate faster. Good for applying perfume in the summer because warm weather makes the scent stronger.

Eau de Cologne

These types of perfumes are commonly found in drugstores. They offer a short scent lifespan with strong top notes of the fragrance. You need to apply more of it to keep a long-lasting scent.

Eau Fraiche

These kinds of perfume fragrances are delicate. Frequent application is necessary if you want the scent to last all day. For people with very sensitive skin, these perfumes make a great choice because they get created with water rather than alcohol and don’t dry out the skin.

Find the Right Perfume For You

Everyone should choose a signature scent that represents who they are. Know that you know the five types of perfume, picking a scent that suits your taste will get easier.

For more helpful information on perfume shopping, be sure to check out our other articles on beauty and personal style!

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