How to Make Better Handmade Cards

7 Tricks for Your Card-making Activities

Making cards by hand is one of the best ways to express your sincere wishes for friends and family. It’s also one of the most enjoyable forms of exploring your creativity. Here are some ways to make your cards more creative:

About colors

When it comes to colors, it can be hard where to begin. Choose a color from the image you are using for your card and make it the color of your background. You can use blended markers dipped in a contrasting color to write your greeting or message.

You can also choose to use one or two more colors from the image and add embellishments or accents in the same color throughout the card. It will complement nicely without making everything look too uniform.

Leftover scraps

There are different types of craft paper. Sometimes, the kind of paper you like can be costly. For this reason, it’s a great idea to use it as often as possible. Hold on to some bits and pieces and repurpose them for your other projects.

You can also cut them into shapes using a die-cut machine or punches. These paper scraps can then be used as embellishments on your next card. They’re pretty, and they help you save money.

Paper sources

As discussed, paper can be expensive. But you can also get crafty and look beyond your typical crafts store for beautiful paper. You can always use unconventional sources of paper for your cards. For example, wrapping papers and gift bags will do nicely for your details, background, or cover.

Gift bags are made of heavy paper, making them perfect for cards. Unfold the bag and cut it out to your desired size for your card. Make sure to avoid the folds and edges, or you’ll have to deal with creases.

Meanwhile, wrapping paper is quite thin compared to gift bags, but they can still be used. You might, however, need to reinforce the paper with something heavy. It can be worth it if the design or pattern is stunning.

Generic cards

Simple cards are handy for when you’re pressed for time. Make those in advance and have them in handy, ready for you to design should any appropriate occasion arise. You can easily make elegant-looking cards with those by merely stamping them with your sentiments and adding sophisticated details.

Frayed ribbons

Ribbons are an essential addition to making any card fancy. However, they can be a pain as you cut pieces and find the edges to be frayed. To solve the problem, add a dash of nail polish on the sides. You can now tie your ribbons in peace. There are also other ways to stop the fabric from fraying.

Card box

To encourage your creative side every month of the year, keep card boxes. Label them with the month, and you can then store your cards in a very organized way. With these boxes, you can create your cards weeks or even months in advance and store them until they’re ready to be sent. You won’t have to deal with pressure or organizational issues again.

Clean stamps

Stamps are a fun way to put quirky or cute designs all over your card quickly. However, you might face blots of ink or unsightly color runs if you don’t keep them clean.

If you use ink that is water-soluble, make sure to spray cold water over your stamps. Wipe them dry with a piece of clean cloth or paper towel. Make sure not to rub the face of the seal, or you might cause damage. Gently dab across it instead.

Card making is a fun and meaningful way of expressing your creativity and sentiments. You can make your cards even more creative with these suggestions.

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