Make It Through Must-Know Tips for Overcoming Addiction

Are you doing your best to make it through this hard time, but need some help? Read this article to learn important tips for overcoming addiction.

Isolation and economic stressors can trigger depression or anxiety in any individual. For addicts, those triggered ailments could lead to a drug relapse or overdose.

Plus, using alone can increase one’s odds of fatality in the event of an overdose.

To make matters worse, some drugs, like opioids, negatively impact heart and lung health. Opioid users may be more susceptible to COVID-19, and respiratory disease can increase the potential risk for deadly overdoses.

Addiction is a chronic disease. Overcoming addiction, especially during a pandemic, can be increasingly hard for addicts, regardless of how long they’ve been sober.

If you’re trying your hardest not to relapse during this challenging worldwide time, this guide will provide you with helpful tips for overcoming addiction.

Quick Stress Relief Tips

It can be difficult to know how to stop drug addiction without rehab, especially during a pandemic when there are so many unknowns.

Make a list for yourself to use as a reference when stress levels are high, and you feel as though you’re about to spiral. Here are some examples of addiction recovery stress relief activities you can do in moments when you feel driven to use drugs.

Exercise! Whether you’re a runner or someone who enjoys long walks, taking a break and going for a walk can relieve significant stress. Meditation, yoga, and hiking are also excellent ways to find a physical and mental balance that deters one from using drugs or alcohol.

Spending just 20 minutes outside, in a park, or enjoying the sun, can improve mental health.

Play with your pet. Take your dog for a romp in the park or enjoy the feel of your cat’s fur. When you feel the urge to use drugs or consume alcohol, taking 5 minutes to enjoy one of your quick relief activities can make a world of difference.

Close your eyes and meditate. Picture a peaceful place you’ve traveled to before or plan to visit in the future. Breathe in the scent of sunscreen or buy a bouquet of flowers and enjoy the smell.

Pamper yourself! Perform your skincare routine, make yourself a cup of camomile tea, or take a hot shower or bath. Essential oils, like lavender, can help to alleviate stress and help you achieve a state of peacefulness.

Keep Your Cravings in Check

One of the most important components of knowing how to overcome addiction is to do certain things to keep your cravings and triggers in check.

A drug addict’s recovery is often dependent on giving your brain time to recover and establish new habits. Stay away from people, places, and circumstances, which may lead you to drug use.

Stay Away From Triggers

During the pandemic, many people have gotten in touch with friends and family from their past.

Avoid contact and communication with friends who you used to do drugs with or who are still doing drugs. Even if you can’t do so physically, you can still surround yourself with friends and family members who support your sobriety.

Ask specific people to provide drug addiction help by checking in. Remain in contact with those who encourage your healthy life.

Do not contact those or respond to anyone who might tempt you into old habits.

Don’t go to bars or clubs as they begin to reopen. Even if you’ve never had an issue concerning alcohol, drinking is notorious for impairing judgment and lowering inhibitions.

Impaired judgment can easily lead to a relapse, and in certain bars and clubs, drugs are often in abundance or easily accessible.

Avoid any situations or environments that you associate with prior drug use.

Make a Visualized Plan and Live It Out

Think about what’s important to you. Is it where you want to be in a month or a year from now?

Is it providing for your children? Is it living a healthy and happy life with your pet?

Picture your life every day the way you want to live and take steps every day (no matter how small) to get there.

Likewise, set goals for yourself or pick up hobbies that will keep you busy during the pandemic. Don’t overwhelm yourself with unrealistic expectations, though. One goal could be to learn a new language, and that could mean just 10 minutes a day spent using a language-learning app.

Make a Schedule

If you’re home alone during the pandemic with little work to do, a schedule can be especially helpful at preventing a drug relapse or overdose.

Look after your health by scheduling daily exercise, even if it’s a 15-minute walk outside. Try to eat at the same times each day and develop a sleeping schedule to better brain function and instill consistency in your daily life.

Take an online class, write your memoir, pick up an old hobby, or adopt a pet!

Just remember to set meaningful, achievable goals that will leave you feeling accomplished, content, and busy.

Get Help When You Need It

Build a sober network. Whether it’s joining a community group outside of your home or creating a daily group chat, it’s vital to surround yourself with support and ask for help before you get to the point of relapse.

If you do relapse, don’t beat yourself up. Addiction is a chronic disease, and it’s important to communicate, attend meetings, and use the support you have no matter what stage of recovery you’re in.

If you can’t make it on your own, consider moving into a sober living home temporarily or asking a friend or family member to stay with you. Take a look at this article for more advice on preventing relapse during quarantine.

Overcoming Addiction Can Take a Village

Overcoming addiction is not something you’re expected to do on your own. It’s a chronic disease that requires special rehab and treatment and continuous support for years to come.

It is entirely normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed during a pandemic. It’s also expected for those stressors to cause someone to want to relapse or use drugs to alleviate those emotions and ailments.

Remind yourself how far you’ve come, and how strong you are, and take the necessary steps toward preserving your life of sobriety.

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