8 Effective Tips to Make Your Living Room Feel Fresh

A fresh feeling living room is something that everyone loves to see in their home. If you have family, friends, or neighbors coming over a fresh living room is something that will ‘wow’ them by bringing joy to them and yourself. The best thing is that to make a living room feel fresh, you do not need to spend a whole year or do a complete overhaul. It can be done with inexpensive design updates. 

1- Mirrors:

Interior designers recommend hanging mirrors as a way to open up space. Mirrors can add reflections of lights and objects in your living room making it seem like it is bigger than what it is. 

2- Picture Frames:

Additionally, adding flair to walls by hanging a nicely done large picture frame showcasing nature can make one feel like they are in the middle of a beautifully lit forest instead of in an old living room. 

3- Shelves:

Shelves also add flair to your walls and are an easy idea to transform the space because they break up a blank wall or fill up any unused space while at the same time providing extra storage for both necessities and knick-knacks which can be decorative in their own right. 

4- Throw Pillows:

Throw pillows are another cheap way to redo the living room. Most of these pillows come in standard square sizes with throw away colors which one can change to match with their couch, armchairs, carpet, or coffee table. 

5- Window Film:

If your living room has a not so scenic view, it can be covered by a decorative window film that is easy to install and can be a temporary solution to adding more color to the living room and giving you more privacy. 

6- Plants:

Indoor plants filter air and help boost the mood of the people occupying the living room. Placing them on shelves, side tables, or near the window inside a nice regular vase can make one feel like they are outdoors. 

7- Light Fixtures:

Lighting plays a huge role in making any room fresher as some shades will only make the room feel hotter. Unique and modern light fixtures such as modern ceiling fans can provide both light and aid freshness to a hot living room environment, as suggested by Modernfanoutlet.com. These fans may come in different colors, patterns, and designs to please all types of living room environments. 

8- Reupholstering:

Another way to make a living room fresh is by reupholstering your dining chairs. Placing colorful cushions is an easy and cheap revamp to your old dining chairs. Adding room dividers and decorative screens can add privacy and give structure to big living rooms that have a lot of empty spots. 

Freshening up the living room by following the above mentioned decorative ideas will surely place one in a better mood. Hence, why turning an old living room into a fresh new one with cheap design ideas recommended by most interior designers is a must-do for everyone. Whether you are coming home from a hard working day or inviting friends over to hang out, the living room is the most used in the house and should be kept fresh at all times.

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