Make Studying Easier: 5 Best Mac Apps for Students

Are you a college student that’s looking to make the most out of your Mac or MacBook? Do you feel the unlocked potential in your Apple device, but are unsure of how to unleash its power? If so, then you need to learn about the best Mac apps for students.

Doing so will help you get the most from your study sessions. It will help you write excellent papers, study for your exams, and take online tests/quizzes which is becoming more and more commonplace.

See below for more information on the best Mac apps for students so that you can make the most out of your studies.

1. Homebrew

Some of you may have never heard of Homebrew before. To put it simply, it gives you access to—as Homebrew puts it—”the stuff you need that Apple didn’t (install)”.

It helps you to install various apps you’ll need for your studies and keep them in the latest software available. Using its open-source package manager software, Homebrew allows you to update and manage the apps you’re downloading and using.

It’s a bit techy, so don’t feel discouraged if you are confused. The good news is that you can use this link and learn how to install homebrew on Mac with critical steps. It will also help walk you through how to use the software and the vast benefits it has.

It will help you perform much-needed functions by pushing only a few buttons. Functions that you wouldn’t otherwise have on your Mac or Macbook.

For example, you could install software to share study material with your study group and your portion of a team project or paper.

The interface is easy to use. Simply follow the instructions on the link above, then you can take a day or two to fool around with Homebrew.

2. iTunes

We know, we know. This app has come with virtually every Apple product since its introduction in January 2001. But that doesn’t take away from its importance!

Some of you might be looking at this article skeptically. You might be wondering “But doesn’t iTunes and other music players distract me?” Not if you’re using it right.

Whether you go to write a paper, work on a project, or study, your goal should always be to achieve 30 minutes to an hour of deep focus. Deep focus is when you remove all distractions and can zone in on the task at hand. It’s when you get the most out of your sessions.

To do that, you’ll need to find a safe place to set up shop. Most students think of their dorm room, but that can be too distracting if your roommate is in there doing his or her own thing while you try to work.

Find a great spot, then plug in some music without words. Apple Music offers a half-off student membership for only $4.99 a month. It’s well worth the investment.

You might also consider various apps like Spotify, and Brain.FM, Pandora, or the like. The most important thing is that you find music without words to plug in while you work.

3. Skype

Yes, Macs and Macbooks come with Facetime, but that isn’t conducive to most college projects. First of all, it requires the person you’re calling to also have an Apple device, which is unlikely in groups of 4 to 5 college kids.

Meanwhile, Skype has it all! It allows you to connect with your classmates while using as little contact information as possible. That way, the sketchy guy that sits behind you doesn’t get your phone number by accident.

Skype sessions are highly conducive to college study groups and team projects. They facilitate the discussion and allow you to mute your mic when someone else is presenting.

Skype can also be used to connect with your teachers, connect with employers for video interviews, and call your family back home. It’s a tremendous asset and should be added to your repertoire right away.

4. Scrivener

Anyone who has ever used Microsoft Word (or any other common word processor) knows how big of a struggle it can be to write an essay on the platform.

Sure, Word has several tools. But its interface is somewhat outdated. Enter Scrivener, an app that’s so reliable, that famous authors use it to write their novels and bestsellers.

Scrivener allows you to write a paper of any size with ease. You can separate it into different categories, cite your sources with ease, and export it into any file type that you wish.

5. Caffeine

No, unfortunately, this app won’t produce caffeine for you. However, it can help you stay on a roll without experiencing that annoying black screen.

When studying, you might look away from your computer for a few minutes to take notes or reference something in your textbooks. Then, when you look back up, the Macbook has a black screen and requires you to log back in again. Annoying!

The Caffeine app will prevent this from happening. It will keep your computer’s screen from dimming so that you experience as few setbacks as possible. You’ll want to bring your charger though so that you can make sure it doesn’t drain the battery.

Download the Best Mac Apps for Students Today

Now that you have seen the best Mac apps for students, it’s time for you to take the time to invest in your study sessions.

Use these apps to your advantage. Give yourself a leg up on your classmates by installing the best apps for your studies. You’ll be glad you did!

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