Make Toowoomba Your Next Stop in Australia

Wondering what you can do in Australia aside from visiting Sydney and Melbourne? Check out Toowoomba! You can even squeeze in a weekend here and you’ll be surprised with just how hip Australia’s biggest regional inland city has become. Explore its arts and food scene, apart from its known mountain and greenery scene, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a great list of what to see and eat when you head to Toowoomba for a short visit.

Visit Picnic Point

First off, head to Picnic Point and let your eyes and heart feast on the wonders of both Lockyer Valley and Table Top Mountain. It is no surprise that this spot is a favorite place for pleasure seekers whenever time permits, such as during the holidays and special occasions. It is a nice spot for lovers of forest scenery, or just families looking for a great place to bond with each other.

You can always bring your food, whether some takeaway food nearby or something you prepared yourself, and enjoy the day away. Does the original Saigon Restaurant have some great healthy choices for takeaway that you can order for a fun picnic such as Pho, banh mi, and rice rolls? Bring them!

If you prefer, you can also eat at the Picnic Point Cafe and Restaurant, which is known for its superb breakfasts (buttermilk pancakes with bacon and thick maple syrup anyone?). The restaurant has big windows so you can marvel at the sights offered by Picnic Point as well. It does not even matter if the weather is bright and sunny or a bit cold and foggy! The sights are breathtaking regardless; the fog is quite dramatic.

Explore Cobb+Co Museum

Just down the hill is the Cobb+Co Museum. If some of you yawned just because you read the word “museum,” don’t be too quick to judge this one. Unlike the usual “look but no touch” museums, this is an interactive one. it even offers great workshops so you really can get your hands dirty and your mind working.

Of course, this museum is also great for some history lessons. You can see several sulkies and buggies here, even other horse-drawn vehicles that were once how people in Toowoomba and other parts of Australia traveled. If you still cannot get enough of history, then check out Woolshed at Jondarayan. You can envision how folks used to live out here. If you have the time, you can even try riding a wagon.

Feast Your Eyes with Urban Art

Done with history? Go to Toowoomba’s urban area. Revel in how an arts scene sprung up in the urban area of this city. Most of Toowoomba’s walls and buildings are now covered with graffiti and painted murals.

First Coat, an annual street art event is always worth checking out. Yearly, several artists are invited to paint new walls, which is great to witness. Their passion and creativity just shine through! There is also a host of pop-up bars, live music, as well as workshops that you can participate in. If you cannot catch this annual event, then check out the impressive murals made from previous years any time you can.

You can even explore the city on foot if you have the First Coat app. If you’re worried about getting hungry and thirsty while walking, then bringing takeaway food nearby, as well as drinks, is your best bet. Nothing sounds more divine than eating your banh mi sandwich while looking at all the murals around the city. Currently, there are already over 80 of these cool artworks – frankly, an hour of exploring is not enough!

Finish the Day with a Meal

If you’re exploring and want to sit down in a restaurant to eat, head to Original Saigon Restaurant. The restaurant offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine that is just perfect after a long day of adventure. Let goi cuon, pho, banh mi, and many more seal your surely great opinion of Toowoomba after all those sightseeing.

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