What Makes NCERT Solutions the Best Study Material for Class 10 Maths?

Class 10 is a very important step for every student. It is the stepping stone for class 11 and the first experience of taking up a public exam. It is very much necessary for students to work hard, as the competition is not limited only to students from their respective schools. Students from across the country take up the class 10 board exams. Also, the board exam paper is set according to specific standards making it possible to score well only through hard work and consistent practice.


Advantages of NCERT Solution

The ncert solutions are one of the most sought after study materials for the students of Class 10. This is because of the following reasons:


  • As per the syllabus: The NCERT books are prescribed by the CBSE Board themselves making it a very important and essential study material. Therefore the solution for this is also very important and resourceful. One of the most reliable Class 10 Maths NCERT Solutions is provided by Vedantu. This solution strictly abides by the CBSE guidelines and are in accordance with the latest updated syllabus. 
  • Usage of simple language: The main aim of NCERT solutions is to ensure all concepts are understood clearly by the students. This is achieved by the usage of simple language to explain even the most fundamental of topics. This ensures that the students understand the concepts with complete clarity and also make them strong with fundamentals. 
  • A clear picture of all the fundamental concepts: It is very important to have a clear idea about the fundamental concepts in order to score highly in maths. Maths is the kind of subject that cannot be mastered overnight. It needs repeated practice and hard work in order to score more. The fact that nothing can be exactly memorized in Maths makes it more challenging to score. Also, this is also the same reason why it is easier to score a centum in maths. By understanding the basics of maths, you can never go wrong with solving any sum. This will boost your confidence and push you towards scoring high in mathematics.
  • Numerous exercises and problems for practice: explaining concepts is not the only need for maths. There should be a good amount of problems to solve for practicing. As mathematics is a subject that needs a lot of practice, it is very important to have as many sums as possible to solve and excel. But after solving the sums, it is important to know whether the answers you have arrived at is correct or wrong. And this is possible only through NCERT solutions. 


What is the best way to prepare for Maths?

The subject maths tend to bring out a sense of fear in most of the students. This might be the primary problem for being unable to score well in this exam. The first step towards scoring well in the exam is to stop feeling a sense of fear for the subject. This will make you feel calm allowing you to focus more on the subject. The best part of this subject is that it does not need any kind of cramming.

Mathematics is a subject that stands solely on the understanding of the concept and knowing where to apply them appropriately to obtain the necessary results. This is very helpful as you can save your time by understanding the concepts and dedicate the same in repeated practice. Make sure you get all your doubts cleared on time. These doubts can become very dangerous when related topics are thought in further classes. Ensure you get them resolved immediately either by your teacher or from friends or family. This will make your basics strong allowing you to solve problems with the utmost accuracy. 


Tips to score well in Maths 

  • Maths needs lots of practice. Ensure that you put in at least 1 hour of maths in your everyday study plan. 
  • Solve every single some in the exercises given in the NCERT books. The NCERT books are prescribed by the CBSE board themselves. Therefore most of the questions will be asked from these books itself. Even if direct questions are not asked, similar ones are asked with minute changes in the values and procedure. Therefore it is always safe to solve all the problems provided in the NCERT books. You can always verify your answers with the NCERT solutions to check for accuracy. 
  • Previous years papers are one of the best ways to get acquainted with the paper pattern. The previous years’ papers also give a clear idea about the type of questions that would be asked in the exam. This will help you to prepare accordingly. Solving these papers will give you a clear picture of the important topics and weightage of various chapters in the syllabus. 
  • Don’t forget to solve sample papers and mock papers. These papers help you to learn time management. Also, solving them and then verifying the answers with the given solutions, help you to understand your accuracy levels. 

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