Guide to Making Your Home Smell Beautiful

A home that is nice, clean and smells good keeps us in a great mood as this affects us greatly even if we don’t realize it. If a home smells bad, this can become irritating and really bother us and at the time even make us nauseous. In order to keep our home smelling good, we can make use of several methods from simple cleaning to other product solutions. Here are some ways you can make your home smell beautiful.

Scented Candles

Perhaps a bit costly and best saved for certain occasions, scented candles can really change the smell in a room as well as give a little vibrant light as well. They come at different prices while some may be cheap with moderate smells, others come expensive with some of the most amazing scents you can imagine. Simply lighting one up and letting the scent fill the air as the flame gets rid of any bad air it can, scented candles can slowly freshen up your room.


A more advanced device or invention made which comes in different types, one of the most popular being the simple oil or liquid-based fragrance diffuser can take up a mixture and slowly use it to change the aroma in a room. This can be used daily as long as you have the liquid needed to create the smell which is mostly mixed with water. Different diffusers use other methods and work in different ways but the cheapest and sometimes most reliable ones are those that require a mixture of only water and the scented oil.


As weird as it may seem to keep a bunch of fruits in the kitchen or on the table can change the smell of your home for a while. While peeling them when they are about to be eaten can release a smell, keeping them on display can also add a slight aroma to the room, mostly for kitchens or dining areas. Some fruits can be used by boiling them in hot water or with certain oils to create an aroma that can last for hours based on what is mixed with the fruits of their skins.

Repaint Your Home

Walls and ceilings are the largest surfaces in your home and are porous, so they will capture smells easily. Repainting can allow these smells to be neutralized and provide a barrier for new smells to be stopped from seeping into your walls. Index Painters owner Frank mentions that it’s important to thoroughly clean walls prior to painting so that none of the smells or other nasties interact with the newly painted walls.

Spray Products

Using products to spray to either disinfect the air or spread a scent around can be used to quickly change the way a room smells. Those who are disinfectants can clean a room from bacteria and germs to prevent the room from smelling bad quickly. There are several products to choose from which can be used to both clean the air as well as give it a certain smell to make it more easing when you are in the room.

Use A Car Freshener

Car fresheners turn out to be a good way to change the smell of a room by just leaving it open or placing it near an air conditioner. Although not the most common way to make a home smell good, it certainly does work at times. The smell slowly begins to change to the car freshener’s smell and while they are usually not the first option when it comes to making a room smell good, they certainly do have scents that people love.

Open Up a Window

Sometimes the easiest way to refresh the sound of your home is to simply open up a window so any bad air can exit while natural air enters. Your air needs a good amount of fresh air which can also be aided by having plants both indoors and outdoors.

Clean Your Home Regularly

It’s important to always clean your home to make sure that the area is dust, germ, and trash free as several kinds of traces can cause odors eventually. Making sure your home is always clean can be a good step in not only keeping things smelling good but also maintaining natural hygiene.

Avoid Leaving Laundry Around

Laundry can cause a bad odor to formulate around the home so it’s best to keep your laundry somewhere contained or take care of it right away as odors from the clothes can easily spread. Even newly washed clothes may cause an irritable smell due to drying with lack of heat so it’s important to properly manage your laundry.

Make Sure Plumbing Is Clean

The plumbing in your home can add to a foul smell that can accumulate over weeks or months in either a sink, shower, toilet or any other passage that water goes through. This can, later on, turn into a foul smell that can spread around your home. To simply fix this, use products that can clean the insides of your pipes by simply being poured through and rinsed to cleanse whatever is causing the smell.

Manage Trash Properly

Trash is a huge cause of the bad smell so make sure that you seal your trash bins all the time and take the trash out regularly. You don’t want to leave a trash bin open inside your home or else you’ll suffer the consequences of enduring that smell until it has lifted. Dispose of waste properly and be sure to take out the trash when you can to avoid bad indoor hygiene and keep the air clean and smelling good.

There are many ways to make your home smell clean but remember that there are also several things that make it smell bad so it’s best to keep track of the ways to avoid the bad smell and improve the aroma around at all times. Most of it is basically just keeping your home clean and fresh while some instances may have you using products to add a bit of flavor to the smell around you with the choice of several aromas to fill your home with.

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