Making the Most of Your Time: Quarantine Productivity Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine have brought in new strange times for all of us. With many workplaces shut down, people are unsure of what to do with their time. Just because the outside world is closed down, doesn’t mean that you have to sit around and do nothing. There are plenty of projects that you can do around your home to help develop skills while also passing the time. Here are some ways that you can stay productive during this quarantine period.


Painting is a great activity that you can develop and practice over the quarantine. With all the time that you are having, painting can be a stress reliever while also helping the time fly by. Along with that, painting is not a difficult skill to get into as many of the supplies can be purchased online and shipped to you, allowing you to avoid leaving the house and breaking the quarantine. When you have completed your paintings, you can get frames and hang them up around your home showcasing all the work you have done.

This makes for a great DIY around the home as they can be hung up anywhere you want and greatly increase the atmosphere of whatever room they are in. Don’t get frustrated if your paintings do not turn out the first time. While painting is easy to get into, it is extremely hard to get good at and requires plenty of practice. Thankfully, with this quarantine, you will have plenty of time to do that. Look into taking up painting if you want to make the most of your time during the quarantine.


Another great use of your time during the quarantine would be to look into gardening around the home. Gardening is great because it allows you to spend some time outside of your home and experience the beautiful weather and fresh air. Along with that, many gardening stores are still open, allowing you to quickly run to the store, pick up what you need, and return home. From there, you can look into what you want to grow in your garden.

Some people elect to grow vegetables or even mushrooms, while others look towards creating a beautiful garden filled with flowers of all kinds. No matter what you decide to put in it, you will be making great use of your time while also developing a useful skill that can be used once the quarantine is over. If you want to stay productive during the quarantine while also getting outside, look into taking up gardening.


Did you ever buy a musical instrument in the hopes of learning it only to have it sit in a corner and collect dust? That is the reality for many people who make these purchases. During this quarantine, however, it is the perfect time to pick up and start to learn again. With the extensive resources of the Internet, you do not even need a teacher either. There are plenty of different videos and books online that you can use to help you learn. If you are a person who needs private lessons, there are plenty of different people offering to teach lessons online for money.

With all the available time, you’ll be able to learn the instrument in no time and begin to impress all of your friends and family. Look into learning an instrument if you have a lot of free time during the quarantine. You can start with the most popular instruments such as guitars, violins, and pianos, or opt for challenging ones like the violas, cellos, or trumpets.


Reading during Quarantine

With the hustle and bustle of society, people struggle to find time to sit down and relax for themselves. This quarantine has shut everything down, so people are forced to sit down and stop. This is the best time to grab a book, sit outside on your porch, and start reading. Reading has greatly decreased in popularity due to televisions and video games, however, reading is great for the brain and helps to increase your cognitive and creative abilities.

If a physical copy isn’t your thing, you can pick up books online and read them right from your screen. What are you waiting for? Grab a book and start reading today.

This lockdown and quarantine have been an extremely weird and inconvenient time for everyone. With no end in sight, if you don’t take up a new hobby or find a way to pass the time, you can easily find yourself slowly going crazy. Don’t let the quarantine ruin your time though. By finding something that you can do around the house, not only are you improving it, but also finding a way to pass the time and acquire a new skill. What do you plan on doing during quarantine?

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