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Making Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are fun and easy to make. You can use them for any occasion as part of the decoration

Tissue Paper (an 8 sheet package will make 2 to 3 flowers)
Wire (Floral or Pipe cleaners work well)


Step 1

Making Tissue Paper Flowers step 1

You want to start by purchasing the appropriate colors for your flower. You can use a contrasting shade of a color in the same family. For example two shades of pink. You can find tissue paper in any store that has a gift wrapping section. If not you can try your local crafting store.


Step 2


The next thing to do is to take the eight sheets of tissue paper and cut them in half. (If you want to make gigantic flowers do not cut the paper in half. ) When you cut the eight sheets of tissue paper down the middle you now have 16 sheets of tissue paper. Next you take 6 to 8 sheets of the cut paper and pile them up one on top of the other. Make sure all the corners match up  exactly.


Step 3

Making Tissue Paper Flowers step 3

What you do next is take the paper and fold it accordion style. You fold it ½ inch to one 1inch then fold it back the other way. It should look similar to a fan when you open it.


Step 4

Making Tissue Paper Flowers Step 4

To make an all around prettier flower you then want to use a scissor to make rounded petals. This is done by rounding the ends of each side of the accordion folded tissue paper. If you want to make the petals look like a Dahlia flower’s petals you can cut a small slit in the middle of the rounded edges about one inch deep.


Step 5

Making Tissue Paper Flowers Step 5

In this step in the middle of the accordion you can now tie the middle section together using a floral wire, a pipe cleaner or even a plastic bag twisty. You want to uses something that will not detract from the flower’s beauty based on how the flower will be displayed. You also want to consider if they will be tied to something or in a floral vase. If you intend to put them in a vase then you might want to use floral wire or a paper cleaner that is long like a stem. If you are hanging them or just setting them on something you can use any wire.


Step 6

Making Tissue Paper Flowers Step 6

You are now ready to open the flower. This is done by carefully separating the tissue paper that is folded together. Make sure when you separate the left side and right sides you also move them towards the center where the wire is to give the flower its shape. Be careful tissue paper tears easy.


Step 7

Making Tissue Paper Flowers Step 7

Your flower is finished you can play around with the layers to suit you . Sometimes they need a little extra fluffing. You can also make the inner layers when you pile the tissue paper together a different shade of the color so the flower has depth. You can also contrast the layers by making 2 of the 6 to 8 layers a contrasting shade of the color you are using, such as every other layer has the contrasting color. Experiment!!! Have fun.

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