Why Do You Need to Manage IT Services for Government Agencies in DC?

Government agencies are tasked with meeting their citizens’ needs while also ensuring that community facilities and programs are in good working order. With the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more employees prefer to work remotely, especially in Washington DC, where total COVID-19 infection cases have reached 375,725 until now.

In such conditions, technology has to become much more stable and reliable for the government to provide efficiency in services. Working along with a managed service provider (MSP) like RCS – IT services Washington D.C. relieves government agencies of routine IT maintenance and management responsibilities.

Managed services are a cost-effective way to ensure that government data centers, networks, telecommunications, and cloud infrastructure are safe and reliable.


Why Should Government Agencies Consider Managed IT Services in DC?

While technology management is not the government’s primary concern, government agencies need it to serve their constituents. Technology makes government resources more available, but it also puts the knowledge of constituents at risk.

The fact that government agencies operate on tight and fluctuating budgets makes risk management more difficult. They depend on public funding to upgrade their technology and are forced to invest or risk their budget during the fiscal year. Government agencies may use managed services to improve their infrastructure and protect confidential data while remaining on budget.

Many MSPs have low monthly fees and let customers pick and choose which services they need.


Some Advantages of Managed IT Services

The IT services industry generated 308.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2018. By 2021, the IT services industry is estimated to be worth approximately 345.1 billion dollars.

Some advantages that Managed IT services can provide to government bodies are:


Save Cost

Federal agencies can simplify their IT cost models and project costs by contracting with an MSP based on the agency’s infrastructure requirements and the service levels required. A federal agency does not need to try to work out expense estimates based on hosting and operating systems in-house and managing FTEs while using an MSP.

Reliable and Secure IT Solution

Managed services provide consistent access to software and data, regardless of where end-users are located. Due to increased demands on network infrastructure, federal agencies no longer have to worry about experiencing downtime or the inability to access mission-critical data or applications. Managed service providers are prepared to scale and provide the service standards needed by federal end-users.


IT needs for federal agencies change over time, and managed service providers can scale and adjust rapidly to meet those needs. MSPs have the flexibility and versatility to scale and change as needed with enough ease and reliability to continue to support federal agencies and their changing requirements over time because the managed service provider has to provide support based on the service level set by the Federal customer.


Technologies DC Government Agencies Use

For their trustworthy Internet, data network, telecommunications, and private cloud needs, federal agencies in the District of Columbia depend on stable, highly reliable internet services.

  1. Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services (MTIPS) are now available in 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps speeds
  2. Waves and fractional wave technology with point-to-point and multi-point network 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps, scalable to 100 Gbps
  3. E-Line, E-LAN, and E-Tree Ethernet service —10 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  4. 10 Mbps to Gbps MPLS-based
  5. VPN Unified Communications/VoIP
  6. Private Cloud Services


Final Thought

RCS – IT Services in Washington, DC, has extensive experience with government technology solutions and services. For government agencies, they specialize in a managed network, centralized networking, and cloud services.

Controlled edge routing and security offerings secure the network and sensitive endpoints, among other managed services they offer in DC.

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