Marketing and Engagement: Why Your Business Should Seriously Consider Live Streaming

Given how competitive every sector has become due to the mass availability provided by the internet, businesses are always looking for innovative new ways to market to their potential audience as well as keep them engaged.

Marketing and engagement have become vital goals for businesses, but many overlook one of the very best technologies that can help any business achieve these feats: live streaming. From social media interactions to using it as a form of content, live streaming has been rapidly adopted by the masses, with its potential to increase business-consumer relations very clear.

Live video streaming is a versatile tool that not only gives customers a window into your business’s workings but can also amplify your message or products, according to Business News Daily. Webinars, demonstrations, news broadcasts, and social media influencer collaborations all offer modern and enjoyable ways for people to interact with your brand and product range.

Two massive companies in the world of entertainment have taken live streaming to the next level and are reaping the benefits of doing so. While perhaps not directly replicable to your business, the lessons learned from these innovators can be applied to boost your business by using live stream videos.

Going all-in on immersive interactions

A key aspect of live streaming is that people can join your business in a real-time setting that feels much more personable due to it being broadcast live. There’s an aspect of exclusivity that comes with being there, live, as soon as something happens.

In iGaming, live streaming has been taken to the next level, with casino games now utilizing the technology to offer live-streamed, real-time gaming. According to SkyCity Online Casino, live casino games are proving to be even more popular than the more traditional online offering of table games with their live variants being of particular appeal to players.

While the experience of playing a game live is more akin to being in a land-based casino is the main reason why people flock to live casino games, there are also other subtle aspects in play. By being alive, players get a sense of real-time gaming, participating alongside fellow players and, just as importantly, the real human dealer with whom they can interact throughout the game.

These are essential aspects to consider if your business plans to utilize live streaming. The interactions with people who want to learn more about your offering, service, products, or business, will want to ask questions and be talkative. So, enable a chat feature or even a Q&A as part of the live stream. It further immerses people who join the stream and engages them with your brand further.

So entertaining that you don’t even realize it’s marketing

As you can see in the Nintendo Direct Archive, announcements from Nintendo aren’t overly frequent, but they take place enough that people expect and even look forward to them. Taking the form of a 20- to 40-minute video, posted as an initial live screening online, the internet goes crazy not just for Nintendo Direct reveals, but also rumors of when the next one may take place.

There isn’t anything particularly amazing about the presentation of the video, but the way in which Nintendo has established infrequent videos of information across the year to enable a constant sense of excitement for the next one is remarkable. To further enhance the potential for hype at all times, they even wait until one day or two before the live stream to announce its existence.

This technique can be applied to any business that brings in new product lines or services, provided that you have a method of informing customers that there is a live stream coming to a set platform – such as via an email blast. An important aspect of the Nintendo method is to let the audience know that these announcement videos will take place several times each year but never establish a structure to their releases.

By following the examples set by SkyCity and Nintendo and applying their techniques to your business live streams, you could find a new way to engage potential customers and bring them some excitement and useful information.

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