Martha Stewart’s Marley Spoon Service Review

Marley Spoon, a meal delivery service provider, began in Berlin and partnered with TV personality Martha Stewart in 2016 when they were expanding in the US. Their subscription plan sends recipes to customers along with pre-portioned ingredients that you can use for the dishes. They aim to encourage more people to have home-cooked meals at home even when there’s little time for preparation.

Martha Stewart's Marley

These are some of the things that you should know about the service:


  1. Provides consistent delicious meals.

You can expect nothing less of Martha Stewart, who catapulted herself as an authority over anything related to food. She started in the food industry in 1972 when she put up a catering business. Her easy-to-follow recipes included in the meal kit will allow you to replicate sumptuous homemade meals that are healthy and nutritious.


Most Marley Spoon reviews praised the quality of the meats and produce that are included in each order. There has been positive feedback on the recipes, packaging, and timely delivery as well. However, there are mixed opinions on customer support with some commending the company for quickly responding to issues while others experienced the opposite.


  1. Easy to order.

Marley Spoon takes on the same setup as other meal delivery services. You sign up on their website or app and, afterward, gain access to a vast array of recipes approved by the TV personality herself. You just need to pick the dishes on their weekly menu that tickle your fancy and confirm the delivery dates.


Here’s how the process works:


  • Check the archives
    You get to pick the recipes you want to serve yourself and your loved ones. They have 12 meal options on their weekly menu, and you can opt for one dessert as well.


  • Book the date
    You have total control over when you want your box to be delivered. Plus, you don’t have to fret about the ingredients going bad because their innovative packaging keeps food fresh until you arrive.


  • Acquire a taste for the finer things
    Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon only send high-quality ingredients from reliable suppliers, so you get the best flavors for every meal.


  1. It costs more.

It’s a bit more expensive than other meal delivery services. The average price per serving for meal kits is 9.95 USD, but Martha Stewart and Marley Spoon will cost you 12 USD. The price per serving is lower for the four-person plan, but it’s still on the heftier side because you need to pay for four people after all.

Marley Spoon Service Review

These are the plans and their corresponding prices:


  • 2-3 Person Plan
    You get a choice of two, three, or four meals per week. For the first option, the cost per box is 48 USD. For three meals, you will need to pay 61.50 USD and 76 USD for four meals each week.


  • 4 Person Plan
    The price per box for two meals per week is 76 USD. Three meals will cost you 106.80 USD with four meals at 139.20 USD.


  1. Shipping is free.

The shipping cost is incorporated into the plans, so you don’t have to worry about further additional costs to the package. Plus, it’s certainly an easy way to avoid grocery shopping, especially during the cold months. They deliver to most states in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii. Be sure to check the availability of delivery in your area before you finalize the transaction.


  1. Allows you to cook healthy dishes

The recipes make sure that everyone in the family enjoys dinner time because the dishes are tasty and nutritious. Even picky eaters won’t have a problem with the vegetables hiding inside their meals because they won’t be able to differentiate the taste. Fried rice and chicken soup are elevated into a whole new level with the addition of vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, kimchi, and quinoa.


  1. Not Newbie-Friendly

One common issue that most customers complain about is that the recipes aren’t as easy as they look. This aspect may be a challenge for those who are just learning how to cook. Moreover, the dishes require the use of pots and pans, which may make cleanup a hassle after eating.



Marley Spoon’s meal kit delivery service is ideal for food enthusiasts who want new inspiration for their weeknight meals. It’s also perfect if you’re going to skip grocery shopping for a few weeks since freezing and reactivating your subscription once you’re ready is easy through the website or app.

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