The Master Cleanse Pros and Cons

Have you heard that the Master Cleanse is a great way to cleanse your body and to lose weight? If so, you may want to give this body cleanse a try. Before doing so, you are encouraged to learn about the Master Cleanse and its pros and cons. This will enable you to determine if these cleanses truly right for you.


The Cleanse Pros

The length of the Master Cleanse can vary. Online, you will find that people have done the Master Cleanse for as little as three days, but as many as a months or more. This variance can work to your advantage. It is recommended that you reach the 10-day mark before ending you are cleansing. This should give you the best results and enough time for your body to fully expel all unwanted and unneeded toxins.

There are Master Cleanse support groups online. The Master Cleanse is a great way to cleanse and detoxify your body, but it will be a struggle. Ten days without solid foods can have a huge impact on your body. Along the way, you will have questions and concerns. When you do, you can turn to the internet. There are many message boards devoted to the Master Cleanse and many act as support groups.


The Cleanse Cons

The Master Cleanse costs money to get started. Regarding cleansing and detoxification, many prefer the water fast, as little to no investment is needed. On the other hand, you will need to pay to try the Master Cleanse. What you pay for are your supplies. These supplies will include genuine grade b maple syrup, fresh lemons, senna tea, cayenne pepper, and natural sea salt. When to compared to the cost of many over-the-counter detox products, such as footpads or pills, you are still saving money.

The Master Cleanse has side effects. As previously stated, the Master Cleanse produces practical results, but those results come at a cost. You may experience moderate to severe abdominal pain and cramping, although this should quickly pass. If you smoke cigarettes or drink caffeine, you may start to withdraw, which can result in nausea, dizziness, and headaches. There are also trips to the bathrooms. Racing to the bathroom can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but it does mean that the Master Cleanse is working.


It may be difficult for you to stay on track. As previously stated, the Master Cleanse will produce some side effects. These side effects are more severe for some. It often depends on your previous lifestyle. If you find it too emotionally or physically involved to continue the cleanse, stop. You can later try again. In fact, it takes many first-time cleansers one or two attempts before they are finally able to achieve a 10-day cleanse.

At the conclusion of your cleanse, you must carefully reintroduce solid foods to your body. Whether you cleanse for five days, for ten days, or more, it is important to return slowly to your normal eating habits. Many find this difficult as most want to cure their cravings by eating. You should start out small with soups and juices and then move on to more solid foods. That gives your body time to readjust. If you do not wait or do not make the transition slowly, you may experience abdominal pains and nausea.

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