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Who else can remember the days of 3GP videos? Gone are those days when we would convert a video to low-grade file formats to view it on our mobile. These days, video players can play nearly all video file formats using mobile phones built with new generation hardware.

I have collected some Android video player apps that you might want to try. The list is not written by order of choice or popularity, but simply a compilation of video player apps that are popular now and that you can use on your Android. Check out which one fits your needs best.

MX Player Pro

Not many apps can claim to be on par with MX Player Pro. In some ways, MX Player is the standard set for all media player apps, and hardly any app can declare to meet it, not to mention exceed it.

Watching a movie on MX Player is utterly convenient. On top of what typical apps offer, this one allows you to start viewing from where you left off, meaning, if you did not finish a movie, the next time you access it, you have the option to resume from where you ended.

Moving your finger horizontally on the screen allows you to replay or forward a show, while vertical movement will enable you to change volume or brightness. Of course, like many other players, MX Player players all types of video formats and subtitles. It also comes in multiple languages.

MX Player used to be entirely free until just recently. If you can handle a few ads here and there, the free version is still a worthy option just like the MX Player custom codecs. Otherwise, you can purchase cheap professional variations to get rid of all advertisements.

VLC Media Player

Perhaps VLC Media Player is the most well-known video player there is in the market. It is still amusing enough, perhaps the same way as it amused me when it first came out and kicked to the sidelines the then, famous media players. However, many media player fanatics now would readily say that VLC, though still an excellent tool, is now only second to MX Player.

VLC Player is not remarkably different from the Google Play Music user interface, and this is not a bad thing; it is, in fact, quite excellent because many other players are too much of a shock to the user, taking too much effort for new users to determine how to use the entire app. VLC Player is simple without compromising innovation. It has the usual features of typical media players, with only a few added perks to avoid confusing users.

What’s the best feature of VLC? You can watch videos even outside the app. This means, your video could be set to be always on top of your screen. You can watch a movie even on top of your messenger, so you can type messenger while watching a movie. You can also move that tiny video window anywhere on your screen, so you can put it in your best line of sight without covering the other app that you need to use.


Playerxtreme started on iOS but eventually jumped to Android, offering Android users one of the best media players on their palms. It is an all-around media player with many features and choices, supporting over 40 file formats, subtitles, and hardware speed. It allows you also to see media stored in your PC, NAS, or streaming sites, and when paired with AirPlay or Chromecast, you can cast straight to your TV.

The interface is easy on the eyes, making it also more straightforward to use. There is really no significant downside to this, except perhaps there is a much better player according to movie player fans.


KMPlayer is an impressive Android video player that supports a wide variety of file formats and codecs. You can even see the content of your Google Drive. Additionally, it includes subtitle assistance, playback speed controls, one-finger gesture volume control, and brightness control, among many others. It supports HD videos and is available in 30 different languages. It also features a brand-new function called KMP Link, which enables you to see movies on your PC from your cellular phone.

However, KMPlayer shows advertisements, and for some people, this could be annoying. However, I find it to be reasonable for a free app. Of course, if you don’t want ads, then best to go for paid apps.


Kodi may not be your perfectly interfaced player out there, but it is popular nevertheless because it is entirely free and flexible. It has a fantastic selection of add-ons and can run on various devices. It is also customizable because of several open-source roots. However, the interface is not that user-friendly, not to mention it has an awkward keyboard and mouse control. Overall, it is an excellent choice for free streaming.


There are many media players that you can use on your Android. Which one of these do you think is best for your needs?

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