Medical Innovations: Retractable Syringe Needle

One of the most common worries and fears when it comes to going to the doctor’s office is needles. This does not only scare children because many adults feel anxious about getting injections or having their blood drawn. Yes, it is something we have tough out, however, technology and medical science have gone a long way, and now there are some new ways. And we are going to talk about one of those.


When you as a health care worker are careful enough, regular syringe needles don’t pose a threat. However, there have been cases of infections by accidentally pricking your finger with a used needle, and it is how many diseases can spread. This happens because we try to hurry the process, or any second when we are not fully focused. Since many patients who come in are HIV, or hepatitis positive, you have to be extra careful, wear gloves, and have your and the health of your patient in the first place. Now, to minimize this tension and the risk of infection, retractable syringe needles have been made. The mechanism is pretty simple. Once in the packaging, the needle is exposed, so that the technician can fill up the syringe. On the inside is a string that retracts the needle once you inject the patient.

So, when you are finished, the needle is fully covered and can not get in touch with your hands. Medical needs change rapidly. Right now we are in a situation where staying safe while working with patients is extremely important. And this patent is something that will help with that. This also prevents needle reuse, which can also happen sometimes due to lack of attention. Something that every health care worker will be interested to know is whether the technique of injecting is the same. And it is completely the same, and you can even hear and see when the injection has been administered.

There is no training needed since it is fairly simple to use them. For some, medical waste is a big problem, and this type of infectious waste has to be minimized as well. By using this technology, you only have one plastic packaging to throw away in community waste and one syringe needle in infectious waste. Before you had to throw the plastic syringe, the needle, and the packaging all separately. Another huge benefit for all of those who are afraid of needles is the fact that these are sharp. Now even if it sounds scary it is actually better, because it will penetrate the skin easier and tear it less, which, of course, causes less pain. 


Medical innovations are extremely important because with each we increase the safety for both our patients and us as health care workers. This type of patent does precisely that. It makes the whole process faster, less painful, and safe since there is far less or no chance at all to get infected. So, think smart, research your options, try new technologies, and stay safe while working.

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