Men’s Sexual Health: 7 Common Disorders

As a man, there are several sexual disorders that can come your way. Learn more about these conditions in this men’s sexual health guide.

Among adult men, 31% will experience some type of sexual dysfunction.

This can take the form of many different disorders and issues. Performance in the bedroom will suffer, and that can lead to a loss of self-esteem. Men’s sexual health can also be tied to other, more serious medical conditions as well.

Performing well in the bedroom is something that most men take very seriously. Some men even believe that their self-worth is tied to their performance in a sexual setting. This is not true, and the common nature of sexual dysfunction proves it can happen to anyone, and at any time.

Men’s Sexual Health 

Doctors who specialize in men’s sexual health are urologists. Men’s sexual health has both physical and mental components that can’t be overlooked. It is common also for all people to experience some sexual dysfunction in their lives without it being tied to an actual condition.

Think you might have a sexual condition? Take a look at these seven common sexual dysfunctions that many men have to deal with.

1- Trouble Becoming Erect

Erectile dysfunction has been made famous and part of the public conversation due to advertisements for drugs tailored to address this problem. It is a very common issue that many men deal with and becomes more common as men age.

It is not uncommon for any man to experience an episode of difficulty with arousal. A single episode of erectile dysfunction shouldn’t be taken as an indication that this will become an ongoing issue. There are many environmental factors such as diet, exercise, health conditions, and stress that can all contribute to ED.

2- Trouble Staying Erect

This one can be a very embarrassing thing to deal with. In the middle of sexual activity, the penis becomes flaccid. It can be embarrassing for both parties, as women may internalize this, and men may think something about them is broken.

If this happens to you, don’t be too concerned unless it’s a recurring event. If it happens more than once you may wish to see a doctor about it. There are medications and lifestyle changes that can help limit the occurrence of this issue.

3- Premature Ejaculation 

This is an issue that is often associated with younger men’s sexual health. The reality is that this is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions of all ages. It is also a contributing factor as to why the use of “pulling out” or the rhythm method is considered to be unsuccessful in preventing pregnancy.

Premature ejaculation occurs after very little or even no direct sexual stimulation of the penis. For most men, it is difficult to have continuous sex without rest periods. Premature ejaculation can thus end a sexual encounter and be an unsatisfying experience for all parties involved.

4- Sexual Anxiety 

If the thought of engaging in sexual activity makes you nervous or upset, you may have sexual anxiety. The causes of this include everything from performance anxiety to nervousness at intimacy. Addressing these concerns is often a matter of counseling and experience.

This issue can be crippling if it is not addressed. The longer you wait before you experience sexual intimacy may also play a contributing factor. If you find yourself with a deep concern about sexual performance, try speaking to your doctor or a psychologist to get this issue addressed.

5- Inhibited Ejaculation

This could be considered the opposite of premature ejaculation. It occurs when ejaculation takes longer than usual. This can lead to a very sloppy and disconcerting ending to what was an otherwise very enjoyable sexual encounter.

It is also possible that this condition could diminish the chances of starting a pregnancy. This is because it may lead to the withdrawal of the penis before the ejaculation event is over. Not only will this create more mess to clean up, but it will mean less sperm enter the uterus.

6- Peyronie’s Disease

This condition is caused by a build-up of scar tissue in the penis. The results can be very detrimental on several different levels. It affects men’s sexual health by both making erectile dysfunction more common, but also causing bending or warping of the penis.

This condition can, therefore, lead men to become more anxious and it can contribute to other difficulties. The shape of the penis may cause pain during sexual relations, or it may be so extreme as to make sex all but impossible.

7- Prostatitis

The prostate is a gland inside the body that has a lot to do with men’s sexual health. If your prostate is inflamed, enlarged, or causing pain it can be very difficult to have a fulfilling sexual experience. Many people mistake this for the signs of prostate cancer, but prostatitis is a very common problem.

Problems with the prostate can be linked to a lot of things, even bacterial infections. If you are having difficulty or pain when you ejaculate, consider going to see a urologist about it. You might discover that the treatment is quick and painless.

Treating Men’s Sexual Health Dysfunctions

There are a lot of possible treatments for men’s sexual health issues. Some of them include prescription drugs and others include counseling. If sexual dysfunction is linked to low testosterone or other issues, there are even options available without a prescription.

Men’s Sexual Health and Quality of Life

At all ages of life, sexual health is important to a continued high quality of life. Men’s sexual health can be a topic that brings up embarrassment or feelings of inadequacy. This doesn’t have to be the case, as there are options available at all levels of treatment to take care of any problem.

Don’t let your relationship suffer because of sexual dysfunction. Try out different solutions, from eating healthier to exercising more. You can try over the counter solutions, and if nothing else works go and see a Urologist.

The most important thing about men’s sexual health is that it impacts every aspect of our lives. From satisfying our partners to the self-esteem of everyone in the relationship, sexual dysfunction can change our lives for the worse.

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