Men’s Styling Tips: The Ultimate Guide To Looking Classier

If you wish to look classy and sophisticated, there is one crucial thing you must bear in mind: classy does not mean complicated. In fact, it is the total opposite. Elegance lies in simplicity so let’s simplify the whole ordeal for you, shall we?

The following are eight styling tips to help you look classier.

1) Dress like an adult

Ditch the boy’s clothes and replace them with that of a man. That is the first rule in the book to look instantly classier.

While some may think ditching casual dressing is the way to go about it. However, dressing casually has nothing to do with it. Casual clothes, if styled properly, can look super sophisticated and classy. It is all about approaching things from the right angle.

For starters, ditch cartoon tees, or anything plastered with funny quotes. The general rule of thumb is to stay away from anything that you can find on a child’s clothes; it is that simple.

2) No more graphic tees

Graphic tees are great and may be comfortable, and have no fuss, but they do not exactly fit the definition of classy. Fun, sure, but classy? Not really. Set them aside for rainy days at home.

Replace your graphic tees with crisp button-down shirts, long-sleeved tees, or simple patterned t-shirts. Other options to work with include solid one-color tees, Henley shirts, and polo shirts; their simplicity stands out in every crowd.

3) The perfect pair of jeans

Jeans are a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. Supremely comfortable, versatile, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion; in short, they are perfect.

However, it is critical to sport the right pair of jeans, i.e., a pair that fits you like a glove and looks good without fail.

Baggy jeans are the hot item right now. Although fun, comfy, and trendy, they do not exactly fit the definition of classy. Baggy jeans are not it if you wish to look prim and polished.

Your jeans should complement your body type and physique. Slim-fit, skinny, or straight-cut, it does not matter; it should just look good on you. A clean and simple pair of jeans makes an impression unlike any other, so why bother with excessive details like embellishments, rips, or fades? Keep it simple, and keep it classy.

4) Experiment with pants

Jeans, although fantastic, can get a little lackluster. Jazz up your outfits by adding a little bit of variety to your wardrobe with something like chinos. Chinos are perfect for all kinds of wear, as they are super elegant and graceful.

You can style your chinos with anything from a polo shirt to a formal dress shirt. Layer on a leather jacket or a blazer on top. Pick your favorite among men’s leather jackets in the US. Complete your ensemble with the perfect pair of shoes, and you are good to go.

Invest in different colors such as beige, grey, camel, navy, and black to make the most use of their versatility.

5) Amp up your footwear

Shoes play an integral role in creating a memorable outfit. Every pair of shoes exudes a different vibe. Sleek, elegant, and sophisticated, oxford shoes are perfect for formal and workwear. Sneakers, on the other hand, are super relaxed, comfy, and easy, making them ideal for everyday casual wear. The best part about footwear, however, is that it can make or break your look.

Take a suit, for instance. If you style your suit with a formal dress shirt and a pair of oxford shoes or brogues, you can wear it to any formal event or the workplace without thinking twice. However, if you wear your suit with a tee or casual shirt and a pair of sneakers, your outfit would instantly become perfect for an informal gathering such as a family dinner or a night out to the club.

If you aim to look classier, it is best to play with formal shoes such as oxfords, monks, and brogues. For casual and semi-formal wear, try your luck with chukka boots and loafers.

6) Throw on some accessories

No outfit is complete without accessories. A universal favorite when it comes to men’s accessories is a watch. Every man needs a good watch. Arm candy makes an impact, unlike anything else. You can wear anything from a watch to a leather bracelet, or both, whichever way you prefer.

A leather strap bracelet or a leather strap watch always looks very polished and sleek. Metal bracelets and metal strap watches look fantastic, too, if that is your cup of tea. Just be careful when mixing your metals. Make sure nothing clashes and everything looks clean and cohesive.

7) Layer your outfits

If you want to amp your outfits in a heartbeat, simply layer them. Layering seems nerve-wracking to some of us because mixing and matching is not exactly everyone’s forte. The best way to go about it is by starting simply. Try your luck with different combinations and work your way up. You will find yourself evolving into an expert in no time.

Take a simple dress shirt and jeans. Layer it with a jacket on top, or a blazer if you want to make it extra elegant. Take a step further and layer a cardigan under the jacket. Play with different styles and shirt lengths to make your outfit more interesting.

8) Do what you find comfort in

Style is personal. We all harbor a different interpretation of it. Seek inspiration but do what you feel is right at the end of the day. Feel free to switch things up according to your personal preferences.

Don’t chase trends; opt for timeless classics that are forever fashionable instead.


When it comes to looking classy, less is truly more, so try not to overcomplicate things. Master the basics first and work your way up to become a better-dressed and more refined version of yourself. Parting tip: keep your hair and beard well-groomed; they make a huge difference overall.

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