Mental Resilience During The Lockdown

The spread of the coronavirus disease has caused stress and anxiety in many people. Lockdowns, having to work at home, losing jobs, travel restrictions, wearing masks all day, and social distancing are some of the impacts of the COVID-19 that have increased our stress levels. In short, we cannot enjoy our normal lives as we used to. Instead, we have to adapt to the new changes. To overcome the stresses during the lockdown, some have turned to distractive activities such as social media platforms to keep up with their loved ones, while some have turned to video games or poker online bez depozytu games.

According to the American Psychological Association, mental resilience can be described as adapting well when one faces threats, tragedy, and trauma, among other stresses. Resilience is what can help us get through the stresses brought down by the lockdown. However, note that resilience is different in every individual. Those who have greater resilience tend to bounce back up when others have given up. Besides, resilience is not something that we are born with. So instead, we have to practice and learn how to be more resilient. And as they always say, practice is the best teacher.

How to Build Mental Resilience During the Lockdown

As mentioned before, mental toughness is the right way to go if you want to overcome the stresses that come with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is only when you toughen up when you can adapt well to the lockdown. Below are some of the tips you can use to build mental resilience. 

  1. Self-Awareness

Understand your deeper ideas and thoughts and know how they can contribute to your actions. Instead of blaming the world on the current situation, you can choose to look for what you can do and go on that pathway. Being more inward aware can help us understand what we are capable of, especially during the lockdown. 

  1. Control what you think

You can choose to remain positive and know that things will eventually get better with time or choose to be negative. To build your mental toughness, then it will be better to think positive thoughts despite the conditions. This will help you go through the daily stressors and improve your general wellbeing. 

  1. Know when to balance

There are times when you will have strong emotions, but this should not affect your productivity during the day. You need to balance your emotions, especially when you need to focus on your daily activities. 

  1. Know your stress-triggers

Another way you can become mentally resilient is to identify the things that trigger your anxiety. You do not have to overcome all these triggers all at once, but you can break them down into manageable pieces. For instance, if you are afraid of contracting Covid-19 as you go for a walk outside, then you can try out wearing a mask and take a walk for 10 minutes. The next time you can make this to 20, 30, or more minutes as the days go by. Most importantly, remember to stay positive and to keep on communicating with your family and friends.

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