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Michelin Making Major Progress MotoGP Spec Tires

It’s a good time to be a Michelin test rider as the company closes in on the ideal designs and materials for its MotoGP spec tires. Recently, a couple of tread designs and profile combinations were tested out at the track in Sepang, Malaysia, where the company was able to gather important information about the performance of each design under realistic race stresses.

There were a few spills, but in general, the tests were regarded as a success, and the best time in the Michelin pack was very close to the overall best time for the three days leading up to the test.

What’s in the MotoGP Tire?

The exact materials and composition of the tires are not being disclosed while it’s still in the testing phase because they are still being revised through the testing process. There are a few things that are already known, though, and it’s important to keep them in mind if you are shopping for street bike tires online and you want something with a similar feel to your everyday ride.

  • All tires will have 17-inch rims, up from the 16.5” Bridgestone rims currently in use
  • New compounds and ways of applying them provide a new grip profile
  • Updated tread pattern designed to aid stability and traction

The profile and tread pattern were part of the test, with a couple of options being tried out. The big difference between the test tires, though, was the structure of their unique new materials.

Find Your Next Tire Online

If you are looking for high-performance tires for either street or competition racing, you need a supplier who understands how complex the world of motorsports can be and how many riders enjoy competition in multiple events. The right motorcycle tires will allow you to use the same bike across several events, making it easier to maintain the hardware you need in every event you love riding.

  • Off-road tires for every terrain for your DualSport
  • Street tires for your sport, touring, or cruising models
  • Spec racing tires for sanctioned events in each league

No matter what tires you are looking for, you will be able to find a source online that matches your sport. Of course, if you go to the right resource, you can find tires for every sport in one place. It’s all a matter of knowing who to talk to for the largest curated collection of bike parts and gear online.

Other Gear for MotoGP

Tires are just one part of the right build for a MotoGP event. You’ll also need to make sure the engine, exhaust, and other motorcycle systems are in spec, and you will need competition riding gear to protect you in case of a spill or crash.

When you get your tires from the online retailer with the widest selection and the most motorsports equipment coverage, you not only save money, but you have the opportunity to work out your whole gear checklist in one place, making it easier to be sure you are ready for anything the track throws your way. Start putting together your gear for new events today, and be ready at the top of each season.

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