Microsoft Power BI: 8 Ways It Can Transform Your Business

Microsoft Power BI improves decision-making and corporate processes. Power BI is great for companies seeking data insights. The elegant UI and solid Microsoft integration make it Excel-friendly.

Mixing business analytics with data visualization may help you make better decisions that will propel your business in the right direction. Here’s the complete guide to transforming your business with the help of the Power BIprogram.

What Is Power BI?

Microsoft’s Power BI is a cloud-based BI solution built on Access and SQL servers. It’s a business intelligence platform that cleans and transforms data. Microsoft Power BI  platform thoroughly analyzes data and shares powerful insights.

Microsoft is a leader recognized by Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms. Power BI is a go-to platform for BI solutions, according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Reasons to Use Power Bi

  • Power BI has a straightforward and easy-to-use Interface. Power BI can be used without learning how to code. Its built-in intelligence suggests the optimal reporting element when selecting report qualities. Power BI solutions have a straightforward user interface (UI) to connect to the data source. Data source selection provides drag-and-drop report attribute selection.
  • Power BI is built on Excel and uses a similar report-design method. Microsoft Excel’s popularity makes Power BI simple to understand. Data modeling is based on SQL Server and Access. Hence, users/programmers can quickly adopt Power BI data modeling.
  • The Power BI platform comes with easy-to-collaborate options. In “app” workspaces, users may collaborate on interactive reports and dashboards. Users may combine their dashboards and data into applications and share them with others. Power BI’s mobile app allows the sharing of dashboards or reports with a limited audience.
  • The user may create both simple and advanced reports and dashboards at no cost with Power BI Desktop. A professional license for Power BI can be purchased for a reasonable price. Power BI’s premium option lets you select pricing depending on your audience’s consumption.
  • The Query Editor in Power BI is a feature-rich and adaptable data analysis tool. Probably the most crucial feature is that it can document itself. It also offers you an opportunity to go deeper into the DAX language.
  • If the BI model has been properly established, the BI solution will be effective. Power BI’s data modeling tools are based on SQL and Cube technology. ZOHO Reports, IBM Watson Analytics, Sisense, and Google Analytics are among Power BI’s rivals.

Power BI is popular because of its ease of use and rapid Microsoft Help. On the other hand, you may find several helpful Microsoft Power BI training courses on the web. Taking these courses helps simplify the power BI data modeling process for creating new projects.

How Microsoft’s Power BI Can Improve Your Company

1. Easy and Accessible Insights

Power BI data analysis doesn’t need a data scientist or coder. Interactive visuals and extensive information make reports easier to interpret.

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping components onto a template to create a dashboard. You can organize data with a few clicks and modify it with Microsoft and third-party add-ons.

Power BI desktop’s analyze button explains data swings. This action displays data growth and decreases using a ribbon chart, scatter chart, stacked column chart, etc.

2. Visualize the Services You Already Use

Power BI tool’s content packs, themes, and relationships help visualize corporate data. Businesses may put up an on-premises gateway to study server data. It lets them create reports, visualizations, calculations, and access rights for people and data sources.

3. Merge Multiple Datasets Into One Dashboard

Power business intelligence Microsoft can produce simple representations from business-critical information. Using official free add-ons, these visualizations may be integrated into one dashboard. These applications allow highly configurable charts & graphs to show data creatively.

Power business intelligence Microsoft

Power KPI displays essential performance metrics in an easy-to-read dashboard. The end user can heavily customize both the dashboard’s looks and the underlying business logic.

A dashboard made using datasets and graphics may help executives rapidly analyze and obtain insights from data. It happens especially while working remotely and utilizing numerous devices.

4. Explore ‘What-If?’ Scenarios

It’s one thing to gain insight into the here and now, but what about the future? Microsoft, Power BI  platform enables you to compare different scenarios to show potential changes.

Including a calculated measure for a statistic like revenue is one example. Power BI Desktop for business analytics has a new parameter button that lets you select a data type, minimum, maximum, and increments for What-if scenarios. It allows firms to look beyond the present and make strategic actions to fit expected results.

5. Unburden Your IT Team

People outside of businesses also deal with mountains of data that need analysis. 

Microsoft BI solutions template for Azure Activity Logs helps visualize IT monitoring data. IT users may develop dashboards and reports for other tools if the data is in a SQL Server or Azure SQL database.

IT may become overburdened and over-relied without an enterprise-wide power BI  analytics tool. Constant requests to IT to update reports may cause lower efficiency and delay business production.

A powerful BI system enables self-service analysis, reporting, and dashboarding. It puts the power of data back in the hands of users, who may utilize it to fulfill corporate objectives.

6. Get Insights Into Actionable Business Decisions

Spreadsheets, reports, and charts are critical to operations. But power BI intelligence offers a global health picture of your organization.

Your company can’t make informed decisions without top and bottom KPIs. Power BI delivers simple, actionable business data.

Additional benefits of Power BI tools are:

7. Create Dynamic Dashboards 

Power BI  program is a suite of business analytics tools you can use to create dynamic dashboards. Power BI uses Excel, SQL Server, and cloud services like Salesforce and Google Analytics.

Real-time dashboards help viewers solve issues and find potential. Any presentation or dashboard can show real-time data and images.

8. Analyze Past Patterns, Present Performance, and Forecast Future

The ‘power business intelligence’ provides predictive analytics and forecasting for anticipating future events.

Built-in predictive forecasting algorithms identify seasonality and the next reporting period. These models use statistical methods to conclude historical data.

The above details show how Microsoft’s Power BI platform helps the firm flourish.


Power BI may help you expand and increase your business’s efficiency. It offers enterprises advanced data visualization tools and real-time analytics. Learn more about how it can help you take advantage of Power BI courses.

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