Min-Liang and Razer Growth

Razer Inc. is one of the leading companies growing and expanding its boundaries day by day. The man behind the growth, the CEO Min-Liang Tan, was interviewed by several publications. The interview focused on how the company held up during the global pandemic and successfully captured the Southeast Asian market.

Min-Liang Tan was keen on answering all the questions, like how the company coped with the ongoing global pandemic conditions. Min-Tan responded that Razer Inc. always thought ahead of time, which was the key to their opportunities. The CEO explained that the company never aims to take any position for granted, whether it be the smallest one, and hence, they were always together in difficult times.

The Firm Raises Funds To Grow and Sustain

The company raised funds to $50 million to support and help its business partners and continue its workflow. Not only this, but these companies were provided access to the Razer software and complicated devices as well.

Growing and Giving In The World Today

The company also believed in donating to a cause. Hence, they emerged with the hashtag #RAZERFORLIFE, which involved converting a part of manufacturing operations in donations for surgical masks. Razer Inc. does not stand alone in its many initiatives. Indeed, this opportunity was accessible for other individuals to donate to Razer’s surgical mask line and vending machines. Due to this initiative, they were able to minimize the shortage of face masks and made sure they can successfully be combated.

Fintech and Real World Value

The Razer CEO also answered questions on how Razer emerged in the FinTech space and stands after five years. The CEO responded that the initiative to start Razer was centered on the solution for digital payment in the Southeast Asia market. Moreover, Razer Fintech has already established its place as an online to the offline digital payment network. The next five years are seen as Razer Youth Bank being the digital bank for youth and millennials.

The CEO explained that Razer has always been bringing innovations in the world of gaming. The Razer Iskur, the gaming chain, always goes out of stock immediately when released. Together with this, other software programs in collaboration with Razer Synapse and Razer Chroma are also growing. The team is never short on fresh ideas as they can perceive and comprehend a gamer’s mind and plan and introduce games accordingly.

Min’s favourite launch for the year 2020 was Razer Snek Plushie, a signature product for Razer. A razer designer came up with the sketch for his kid.

Gaming Will Rise More

The CEO explained the future of e-sport being unstoppable, Razer being one of them. The company believes in recognition of the hard work of its athletes and helping them grow. The entity always looks for and explores opportunities in e-sport and is quite proud of how they’ve come through.

Upon asking for advice for the youngsters, the CEO responded that everything in the world is achievable, even perfection. The key is to remain hyper-focused, and he also explained that he was never affected by what people say and hence, has come a long way through.

The CEO Min-LiangTan has been amongst the board members of many companies before, such as MOL Global Inc. and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the National University of Singapore after giving up his law career as his interest in gaming devices.

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