List Of Top Mobile Apps In India: Did You Have Them All On Your Phone?

Mobile applications are widely used in India. It helps regular people to develop their day to day basis work, and it helps to make life easy. Some of them are made for entertaining people, some are made to caution about health, and some help people make their communication process even more accessible.

Nowadays, mobile applications are becoming a part of everyone’s life in India. Well, on that note, some of them are very popular among their users. Here is the list of top mobile apps in India that are widely being used in India, and it will also help you to make your regular life even more accessible.


Voot is denoted as one of the top mobile apps in India that are being used in the Indian market. The application has been developed by Robosoft Technologies, it company in Mumbai, and it is being used to watch movies and entertainment programs from the end of Viacom media. People who love to watch movies or their favorite television shows install this application on their devices.


Facebook itself has a popular marketplace in India. For this reason, the installation of Facebook applications is also getting increased day by day. Most people use Facebook apps to perform their communication jobs. This is denoted as one of the popular applications which makes communication stronger between people. For this reason, people prefer using this application rather than navigating to the website and logging in to it.


Messenger is an application that allows a person to communicate with another person who is present on Facebook. This is a messaging application that is present in India. For this reason, it can be said that the application helps a person to remove communication gaps from others.

People who are on the Facebook platform can call or message another person who is also available on Facebook, and it develops a bond between the two. that ultimately helps in the enhancement of marketing or friendship.


This is a mobile application that is also coming from the house of Facebook, and it is denoted as the main application that enables communication bridges between people. Via WhatsApp, people can pay online, or they can be able to communicate with people. It is denoted as the most downloaded messaging application that is widely used in India.

As a result, it is being marked as the most popular application. Besides that, this is one of India’s top mobile apps that help make national and international communication even faster and safer.

This is a secure medium by which people can be able to talk to each other or make video calls, and the whole procedure will be even safe and completely encrypted. For safety applications, most people also go for this application which ultimately increases their popularity.


People who love to take pictures and upload them on social media use this application the most. This is another application coming from the house of Facebook. It is also being used as a popular application for users who reside in India; most of them use this application, and that has ultimately made it popular.

Arogya setu

Arogya Setu is an application from the Indian government that helps to detect covid affected areas nearby. It uses a location facility to detect covid affected people near the user to take extra caution while navigating to the place. This is denoted as a critical application that is being used nowadays. As a result, downloading and installation of these applications are relatively increasing in India.


Cowin is an application that is widely being used to set a date for vaccination or a time slot for the immunization and generate a vaccination certificate after getting vaccinated. This is a much-needed application that should be installed on someone’s mobile so that they can be able to access their certificate from anywhere.

As a result, the importance of the application is widely being used to help people make their vaccination procedure even more accessible. As a result, the installation facility of the application has increased, and it has also generated the best results for many.


This is an application that allows a person to meet up via video calling, and it will enable more people to join the meeting. This is denoted as one of the best communication applications, and it also allows a person to meet up with them. Also, it is a cloud-based meeting software that helps in working from home or working from the office in a wide range.


This is an application that allows a person to listen to their favorite music whenever they’re traveling or whenever they are spending leisure time. As a result, this is denoted as one of the best entertainment applications that helps a person to listen to their favorite song or create their playlist.

If anyone wants, they can also navigate to the premium subscription for the application. As a result, this can be said that the subscription that is being used as the top application is also denoted as the most popular application for music lovers.

Those who want to have an extraordinary entertainment experience can also choose this application and get the best-in-class experience.


Hotstar is also denoted as a very popular or top mobile application that is being used in India. It is also a platform where people will be able to watch movies and their favorite TV shows without any advertisements and from anywhere. They don’t need any television system in India anymore to watch movies and their favorite TV shows.


Phonepe is one of the most popular apps in India for digital payment. It’s very easy to use. The features of this app are very easy and user-friendly. PhonePe and Gray are competitors of one another. Users can create accounts on PhonePe very easily and also users should know about that how to deactivate a PhonePe account. Yes, you can also delete your PhonePe account very easily if you don’t want to use it.


These are the list of applications widely used in the Indian market, and it is mostly being used or downloaded in India. These applications are specially designed to make everyone’s life even easier.

From entertainment to communication or health, it helps a person to get all of the facilities on a single phone. For example, Cowin is being used as a vaccination tracking application, which is very important nowadays.

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