Modern Era’s Security Testing Lifecycle

Security testing services constitute a major irreplaceable part of the IT world now. You would not find any software or IT company that does not have a pen testing company supporting it and saving it from attackers.

While the majority of the companies can’t even think about surviving without these services, not all of them know the effort and processes on the back. It is the right time for you to learn about the lifecycle of these testing services, so the next time you sign up for one, you know what is happening on the backend.

Steps of a Security Testing Process

There are dozens of security testing services present in the market. Every security testing service uses different types of tools, and techniques, and has different timelines, but they follow almost the same steps. Here are the steps of the lifecycle of security testing services all over the world.

Service Access Points Testing

Since a database or software is accessed by multiple people in an organization, it is crucial to make sure there are no loopholes. To lessen the chances of cyberattacks, pen-testing companies introduce multiple access points so all of the people in an organization can gain access to the database or system without putting security at stake.

Data Protection

Data is the most major asset for any company. A lot of companies spend thousands of dollars just to make sure that their data is secured. What steps do the security companies take to protect your data? First of all, they introduce strong passwords to be used by every authorized person then they make some security questions for you. Last but the strongest step they take is encryption. The data is encrypted end-to-end, so no third party can read it even if it gains access to it.

Brute-Force Testing

A cyberattack involves a lot of failed attempts on the passwords so, in this step, the company restricts the number of failed attempts. This step is taken to make sure that if the number of failed attempts reaches a certain limit, either the account is locked, the password is reset, data is deleted, or all of the steps are taken at once.

Who Can Access?

This step is designed to be an additional security check for the data. In this step, the testing company and software house sit together to define the levels of access. Once it is done, every person is given limited access to the data based on its level making data even more safe and secure.

SQL Injections

SQL Injections introduce a much-needed layer of security for the companies. It stops the cybercriminals attacking the online presence of a company. Moreover, it also consists of some techniques designed to combat these attacks and lock down the system to protect data.


It does not matter what kind of software testing services are used at the end of the day; the same procedure is followed. Moreover, it is a good decision to have a testing company check your system because of the increasing number of threats.

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