Modern Innovations In Agriculture Equipment

Modern problems require modern solutions. That’s why along with the rest of the world, the agricultural industry has embraced the wonders of technology.

Why is this important? As the world population continues to grow, so must farmers adapt in order to meet the nutritional needs of people. With the help of the latest equipment and technology, farmers can conduct their duties in an efficient and effective manner.

That’s why farmers should invest in the best innovative equipment in the market. They can even make savings by using coupon codes such as palletforks com discount code from SelectAware.

In tandem with their massive stock of knowledge of all things related to agriculture, modern technology can help farmers be more productive. Here are some modern innovations farmers should know in 2021:

1- Laser scarecrows. Birds are always a nuisance to farmers trying to protect their crops. That’s why a lot of farmers put up scarecrows to discourage birds and other animals from feasting on their crops.

Usually, scarecrows are man-made humanoids dressed like farmers to deter animals. However, the University of Rhode Island recently came up with an updated version in the form of a laser scarecrow.

Lasers have been used to scare off birds for decades. A laser scarecrow uses green light (which birds detest) to ward off animals before they even approach the plants. 

2- Automated farm equipment. Farmers can save a lot of manhours and effort with the use of automated equipment, such as tractors and seeders. What’s great about them is that farmers still have a sense of control as they have video access.

These machines work tirelessly to produce better results at a faster pace. They’re the perfect tools for farmers to manage orchards. This is so they can focus more on strategies to improve the quality of his or her crops. 

3- Harvest Quality Vision (HQV). It can be time-consuming to have to manually check the quality of crops. With the help of  Harvest Quality Vision or HQV, farmers can check the quantity and quality of their products through computerized scanners.

HQV aids farmers produce consistently good quality products. In turn, this helps increase their revenue in an efficient manner. HQV also helps farmers sort out defects and diseases in produce.

4- Software-as-a-service solutions. A lot of industries have opened themselves to service solutions to optimize operations. The same applies to the agriculture industry.

These digital tools collect, elaborate, and help provide important information for better orchard management. Alongside these digital tools, farmers have to invest in sensors that will help them make informed decisions in future harvests.

These tools can be accessed through different devices. You don’t even need to carry a computer around all day. You can check your data and inspect your farm on your smartphone or tablet. 

5- Drones. Drones have grown in popularity in recent years, but did you know that they’re great tools for farmers as well? Drones can take photos or videos as they fly over the farmer’s land or orchard.

Some advanced drones even have the capacity to support fruit growers in orchard management and disease management. This cuts short the time farmers need to allot to inspect their land.

Plus, drones can distribute fertilizers and pest control products to crops on behalf of farmers. They may be expensive, but there are a lot of benefits to investing in one.

6- Water management. Water plays an important factor in the growth of crops. Having a modern water management solution helps automate the irrigation process.

To add to this, water management solutions have the capacity to give insight into leaks and water flows. These solutions are connected to sensors and water systems of farms for maximum efficiency. Through them, farmers can maximize their water resources, while fixing problems at a quick pace. 

7- Product Testing In-field or On-site. Some crops require strict laboratory testing and reporting before they’re allowed to be sold in the market.

Farmers can save on a lot of costs by purchasing portable kits that test the quality of crops in an accurate manner. This simplifies the process of quality management. 

8- IoT in farming. The Internet of Things or IoT has simplified a lot of tasks and processes, and the same applies to farming.

IoT helps farmers with soil quality management as well as weather sensors. It can also help with pest management, which can cause farmers a lot of trouble. 

To this day, farming has remained an essential industry for the everyday lives of people. That’s why farmers or agriculture industry players need to maximize all the equipment and tools in the market.

Embracing modern innovations paves the way for farmers to make better decisions, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Modern innovations may cost some money, but the benefits they stand to gain in the long run will be worth it. 

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