Modern Investigation: CBD Offsets Psychiatric Side-Effects of THC

Some don’t know what is CBD nor what is THC. Cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are amongst the over 100 cannabinoids that constitute the weed plant. The major unlikeliness between these two cannabinoids is that THC causes a psychoactive reaction that makes you feel ‘high’ whereas CBD doesn’t.

Furthermore, CBD is mostly used for medicinal purposes proven in the CBD Hunger Lab while THC has made a name for itself in the recreational department.

Results of THC

In spite of the several advantages of THC including management of pain, stimulation of appetite, glaucoma, muscle spasticity, and antiemetic and intraocular pressure relief, there is a host of secondary effects after usage. These negative body responses include slower than average times of response, memory loss, issues with coordination, increased heart rate, and dry mouth.

Besides, there is a well-known correlation between the use of weed and the dawn of mental illness e.g. schizophrenia is frequently speculated to be linked to THC. The lion’s share of the effects induced by THC results from the limited agonist activity on the CB1 & CB2 receptors.

Where CBD Gets Involved

CBD has become popular for its ability to go head to head with conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, sleep disorders, arthritis, acne, and heart disease. Other additives are CBD oil for depression plus CBD for anxiety. The CBD oil reviews suggest that the understanding of cannabinoid receptors is rather less strong compared to THC restricting performance as a CB1 antagonist and feeble inverse CB2 agonist.

Cannabidiol has proved to own magnificent antipsychotic results thus why experts have always speculated that a balance between THC and CBD is vital.

The Relationship

A recent study suggested that modern increased THC strains in weed are the likely culprit for more incidences of psychosis. The study was concentrated on observations and zero clear mechanisms were handed over. It additionally implied that pot is top used when there is a good ratio of CBD to THC levels.

The key reason for having suitable amounts of each of them is to ease the cutting down of the harsh consequences caused by exposing yourself to the marijuana extracts for a long period – mainly in persons who are vulnerable to mental illness.

These are declarations that were embraced from the clinical level (numerous studies wanted to expose the possibilities for cannabis-based pharmaceutical products) and also by the many users who consume it for recreational purposes.

The assumptions made note that traces of weed highly concentrated with THC and ones with lower CBD levels increase psychiatric effects like paranoia and addiction. One of the CBD oil effects here is to chunk psychiatric secondary effects led by the consumption of THC.

Research Done

Steven Laviolette – a Ph.D. holder – and his team of researchers from Western’s Schulich, School of Medicine and Dentistry, opted to experiment on rats to find out the basis of ERK (extracellular-signal-regulated kinase) – a molecule situated in the brain that makes the neuropsychiatric secondary effects of THC.

He stated that the findings are likely to be the genesis of investigating how CBD might have the ability to shut off the negativity of consuming THC. Ideally, there are countless benefits of CBD oil!

Their research work was accessible at the Journal of Neuroscience and it exhibited how the rodents conduct themselves when given different amounts of both CBD and THC. The rats that were exposed to a higher concentration of THC demonstrated a great quantum of active ERK, their responsiveness to teaching on fear increased, and also displayed additional anxiety reactions.

The other set of rats was the control group and they were administered to THC and CBD. They were noticed to experience a normal amount of active ERK, reactivity to teaching based on fear lowered, and mild anxiety responses.

When investigating what is CBD oil good for, the researchers suggested that CBD causes blockage of abilities that THC has to stimulate the ERK pathway intensively and eventually will stop the gloomy secondary effects. Laviolette said that their discoveries have insinuations for prescribing marijuana e.g. for persons more vulnerable to marijuana-related secondary effects, it’s very important to restrict the use of low THC levels but also high CBD content.

He insisted that the new reports will open up fresh molecular boundaries for coming up with more safe and effective formulations of THC.

One scholar who compiled the report, Roger Hudson, added that an additional result indicated that CBD had zero effects on ERK activeness. He added that by co-prescribing THC and CBD they completely turn around the way of the transformation on the molecular stage. CBD was further noted to have strength over the anxiety and addiction behavior brought about by THC.

The remarks made were that Laviolette together with his team will be monitoring the studies by carrying off with the identification of specific characteristics of this mechanism. He also included that they will analyze means to develop THC that contain almost null secondary effects and also better the effectiveness of CBD therapies.

Green Leaves

Bottom Line

That interlinkage between CBD and THC is an illustration of the associates’ effect where all terpenoids and cannabinoids in a specimen of marijuana play a part in the all-inclusive effect in a unisoned manner. CBD plus THC can exist together as an applicable treatment choice for those with sensitivity issues to THC and are vulnerable to unfriendly responses to consumption.

It’s in your best interest to learn what CBD oil is good for, besides, when purchasing knowledge on how to use CBD oil is critical. Nonetheless, you should confirm with a specialist how long CBD oil takes to work and the dose required before opting for it. Mental preparation on the potential secondary effects after consumption of CBD plus the body’s reaction to using it is important and the solutions of the same.


It is a delight to know that there is a solution to a couple of secondary effects that may result from the consumption of THC. Similarly, it is a sigh of relief to realize that you can freely enjoy your joint, without worries of the effects.

Have you used marijuana before? Is it legal in your residents How was the experience after usage? Did you know contents from a sole plant might eradicate the post-use effects? Have you tried CBD oil before? Leave a comment.

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