Modern Office Spaces: What Your Interior and Exterior Says About Your Business

How much pride do you take in the look and feel of your business? This guide on modern office spaces highlights what you translate with interiors and exteriors.

Nowadays, modern office spaces are more than just somewhere to go about the daily grind.

A recent survey shows that over 70% of Americans over the age of 18 allow office aesthetics to influence their impressions of a company.

Do your office spaces do your business justice or are they causing more harm than good?

It’s All About Appearances

Chances are you’ve spent many hours and dollars crafting a brand identity that your customers relate to. Don’t let them down when they step through your doors.

Your brand image must remain consistent in every area of your business. You need to send out the same message both online and in person.

Take time to ensure your common office spaces reflect your customer service ideals, corporate values, and all aspects of your brand identity. An untidy, dusty, and old-fashioned office space can quickly erode all the trust you’ve built up with your marketing efforts.

Pleasing All the People

Your customers aren’t the only ones affected by your office environment. Your employees are greatly affected by their work environment.

Clutter and inefficient office design contribute to stress and low productivity in the workplace. If you want to encourage commitment and engagement in your staff, take their needs and suggestions into consideration.

Remember, your brand identity extends throughout your company, and that includes your employees. Your customers will judge you on how you’ve catered to your employees’ needs too.

Cramped, poorly ventilated cubicle-style workspaces create a poor impression. If you’re still living in the past when it comes to office design, it’s time to schedule an upgrade.

In today’s times, clean lines, open workspaces, and natural light show that your company cares about its employees.

Remember there’s a fine line between employee comfort and creating an unprofessional appearance. Tone down on the bean bags and table tennis if you want customers to take you seriously.

Beyond Modern Office Spaces

It’s important to pay as much attention to your exterior facade as you do to your interiors.

Customers form an impression of your business long before they get to see your gorgeous office work area. You certainly won’t attract any drive-by business thanks to an ugly shopfront.

A little commercial property landscaping goes a long way to creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

Many people who are impressed by your web design and marketing efforts could turn away when faced with an unkempt exterior.

On another note, green, water-wise spaces are all the rage thanks to global warming. Careful landscaping proves your company’s on board with creating a healthy, sustainable future for us all.

If you don’t have space for exterior gardens; container plants, window boxes, sculptures, or water features will do the trick.

Help Your Business and Others

Right now, businesses worldwide need all the help they can get to revive flagging economies.

Spread the word about how modern office spaces can give you the edge when it comes to business. You can also browse our other articles for more sharable content.

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