Money Saving Tips When Trying to Eat Clean

Contrary to popular opinion, eating clean doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways you can cut down on your food bill while doing good for yourself and the environment. Here are some tips to help you save money while eating well.

Eat Produce in the Right Season, and Other Tips on Produce

Basically, eating in season means choosing fresh produce that is in season, often locally, at the time of consumption. When you choose fruits and vegetables that are naturally available at the time of year you are in, there are several benefits. Number one, they taste much better, and there is much greater variety too.

They are also richer in nutrients when eaten at the time they naturally grow in your local area. Yet another benefit is price. You will pay much less for produce in the season than when it has to be shipped from another part of the world to keep up with unreasonable consumer demands.

Farmer’s markets are great places to find local, in-season produce, and you can also request it at your grocery store of choice. If you tend to buy large amounts of produce and end up throwing it away, consider buying less and just eating what you have. When fruits and vegetables begin to soften and aren’t as tasty, juice it all to use up the remainder of the produce in your fridge instead of letting it sit around another couple of days, eventually going bad and being thrown out.

Buy in Bulk

When it comes to items that last a long time in your fridge and cupboard, consider buying in bulk. This can often save you a lot of money in the long run, and sometimes a huge pack of food doesn’t cost much more than a smaller amount. Large warehouse-type grocery stores are getting a more comprehensive variety of organic and clean foods, and shopping there can save you money when you add up all the savings you will gain over time.

Meal Prep

Not only will meal prepping save you time and help you stick to your clean-eating goals, but it will also assist you in saving money as well. When you have all your meals and snacks planned, you will be less likely to eat other more expensive foods. It will also prevent you from buying snacks on the run, which can quickly add up money-wise.

Use What You Have

This might seem like a no-brainer, but instead of always going to the grocery store “just because” and buying on impulse, take stock of what you already have in your home. Plan your meals for the week, using the food already in your kitchen as a guide.

Taking this step alone can save you large amounts of money, since going to the grocery store even to supposedly pick up one ingredient often ends in a big trip full of expensive grocery items that you may not even use completely.

If you are eating clean and on a budget, you can still make it work. By using these tips, you will save money while you become healthy. Follow this list and enjoy your affordable clean-eating lifestyle.

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