Most Adored Tourist Spots in Australia

Are you looking for a great holiday? Why not explore the charms of Australia? Packed with amazing attractions, from Aboriginal grounds, coral reefs, red deserts, rain forests, and more, Australia is a land of desires and dreams.

The country is full of spectacular beauty and once you are there, you can explore the vibrant cities, old rainforests, and natural miracles for sure. You can read about the places in the best travel magazine in Australia and accordingly make up your mind about the destinations to go to. To start you off, this post would tell you about a few attractions of the country that nobody should miss during their holiday.

Great Barrier Reef

You can look at the Great Barrier Reef from space and it is one of the hugest living structures on the entire earth. You can easily explore and taste lovely diving or snorkeling at this spot. You may even see a collection of marine life from turtles, tropical fish, dolphins, and even so on. Or in case getting wet is not really your thing, you can even explore the reef from underwater by taking a glass bottom boat. It is going to be a super exciting visit for sure.

Sydney Opera House

Most people may think of the Opera House once they hear the word Sydney. The stunning and spectacular structure is circled by water on 3 sides and is beautifully bordered by the Royal Botanic Gardens on the south side. Once you are there, you may get to relish a performance, dine at one of the luxurious restaurants or take simply a tour of the building that includes studios, theatres, a concert hall, exhibition rooms, and even a cinema.

Fraser Island  

Fraser Island is simply a short ferry trip from Hervey Bay. It is the biggest sand island in the world as well as a prime part of Australia’s sightseeing. The spot offers one of Australia’s most distinct four wheel drive escapades. You can even travel by ferry from Rainbow Beach as well as Hervey Bay.  The place gets you lush rainforests with an amazing diversity of wildlife, sand dunes, freshwater lakes and streams, multi-coloured sand cliffs, heaps of shells along the lovely seacoast. It’s worth mentioning the marine life encompassing whales, dolphins, and sharks. Of course, you can relish scuba diving at Lake Mckenzie, swim at Lake Wabby, camp at Lake Boomanjin, or explore the vibrant nature at that Indian Head.

Cradle Mountain

It is a beautiful national park that has been a sanctuary and a treasure for nature admirers. The backwoods of the park are raw as well as rugged, formed of serrated dolerite summits, glittering lakes, dense forests, and mountainous heathlands. Once you are there, keep your cameras close as you may get to spot wallabies, Tasmanian devil, wombats, platypus, and more.


So, for more information about such attractions, check out the best travel magazine in Australia. Make sure you book your accommodation well in time so that you can have a fulfilling and effortless trip in the country!

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