The 10 Most Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

You have been sending your resume to several companies but none has gotten any response. Why? You could be making one or all of the ten mistakes we are about to discuss. Your resume is the one way a potential employer gets to assess your ability to work with them and so it is screened to show them what to expect.

Unfortunately, typos and grammatical errors reflect poorly on you and may cost you the opportunity for an interview however deserving you are. If you cannot do it yourself, you may want to hire Resume Writing Services to pen down a resume that will please a potential employer. There are also online resume writing tools that you can try for free.

We are Hiring
We are Hiring

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by people who do not seek Legal Resume Writing Services.

Listing Responsibilities Instead of Accomplishments

Most people are tempted to list what they did at their last jobs, which is okay, but accomplishments are even better. They show the employer what you can do with your skills. The legal resume writing services review shows employers respond better to those who quantify their accomplishments. So, instead of saying, “I put together an aging analysis,” you could say, “Cleared the aging analysis for debtors by writing off bad and uncollectable debt.” It shows an end goal.

Typos and Grammar Errors

When you write your own resume, you may not see any errors or generic sentences. You could need to have it checked by a professional resume service or have someone in your circles read it for errors. If you have no one, reading it out loud helps you catch some of the things you would otherwise miss. Another trick that works is letting it rest for a few hours before reading it again for grammar errors. With a rested mind and a fresh eye, you will easily catch anything that shouldn’t be in the resume. Sending it unchecked is one of the surest ways to be eliminated even before you get to be interviewed.

Stuffing Too Much in One Document

Some people have the tendency of writing block paragraphs that exceed 100 words each. Now, one long paragraph talking about several things is not only distracting but quite tedious too. You want to make it as readable as possible and even scannable. This means using short and precise sentences as well as bullets to make the resume scannable. This applies in most of the segments; from accomplishments to responsibilities.  Also, days, when lengthy resumes were appreciated, are long gone.

Saying too Little

While we recommend using a few words to avoid fluff, we are also conscious of the fact that it is possible to write too little. A proper Legal Resume Writing Services Review advises against leaving statements unfinished. You do not want to simply state, “I operated forklifts.” Being more specific gives the employer the information they need to tell whether or not they could be a good fit. When summarizing, attach a benefit of your skill to the potential employer’s organization to show skill transferability.

Not Matching Your Objectives and Summary to the Job

Any job advert is clear on what the employer wants in their hires. When you respond without looking into these, then you miss out on the opportunity to address what they want. Do not be too surprised when your CV is tossed. There are keywords that the employer will be looking at to save the time spent on the potential mountain of resumes they have to go through. The summary usually influences the hiring process and not addressing it properly could cost you a job or interview the least.

Being too Modest

It is said that presenting yourself too modestly will lead to being underpaid and overlooked. While you do not want to fabricate accomplishments, you also don’t want to understate what you have done. Be as clear as possible to give the potential employer a feel of what you can do for them. Expose your accomplishments and what your skills can do for their organization.  

Being too Generic

When a statement reads, “I attended give meetings,” it shows no purpose for those meetings. You haven’t said what benefits came from them and how the results benefited the company. Here, you want to remember to include more verbs that show proactivity and general benefit trickling from your service to the organization. it also helps to show how these things learned can be transferred to the next job.

Not Being Specific Enough

You want to read the job description on the advert and then respond in a way that aligns with it. While at it, you do not want to stuff keywords as that will make the resume distasteful. In short, you want it to sound sufficient without trying too hard as the employer will see right through this.

Not Updating Activities in your Resume

You do not want to use the same old resume for all jobs without changing what needs changing. Any of your personal information that changed such as address and phone number should be rechecked and done right. It would be a shame for the panel to reach out to you later only for them to hit a dead end because that number you gave no longer applies.

The Resume Looking too Busy

A decade ago, employers liked multiple-page CVs since they seemed to say enough about the potential employee’s skills and qualifications. These days, it’s possible to include as much information as is needed in a few pages. Even better is when the CV is written in a simple, clean format. You could seek the services of a ResumeWritingLab if you are not clear on the right format.

The Resume Looking too Busy
The Resume Looking too Busy

Check Before Sending

If you are unsure of the format you have used or whether the resume is relevant, you could have someone look through it just for a different opinion. It helps if they are knowledgeable about what employers look for in CVs. Submitting a poorly written one could cause irreversible damage to your application.

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