Most Played Casino Games

Online casino games are getting more popular by the year, with many titles constantly being released by all the top developers from all over the world. Gamblers today will remember how back in the early days the few games that were available were all-time favorites, and of course, as times have progressed, new favorites squeezed their way into the top played list at online casinos. 

Of course, when it comes to discussing what these favorites are at online casinos, the classics will always make their way in there, such as playing slot games online, and of course other game variations such as blackjack and poker. Below is a list of the most played games at online casinos that interest the gambling community. Maybe if you are currently needing the inspiration to revitalize your gaming routine, you can follow our lead and make sure to play the following games if you do not already.

Slot machines

The first and most obvious most played within the gambling community of casinos has to go to slot machines. These games interest practically everyone, due to the fact that they operate under varying themes, and pretty much can keep you occupied for hours. Playing slot games will really have you questioning where the time goes, and it completely makes sense. With top developers for the iGaming industry, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and so on, these game pioneers release new titles very frequently, meaning as soon as you are bored of one title, another will come in its place and replace your interest!

Slot games are also less stressful than other games at an online casino because they are pretty straightforward to operate. You just need to play a couple of rounds of the demo version at most, and you then can set it on auto-play for as many spins as you are willing to pay up for. It is as simple as that.


Blackjack is another top favorite to those that enjoy table games specifically because it is a pretty simple game to pick up and understand. It is one of the most played games due to the high return to player percentage, and low house edge, meaning players can be hopeful to walk away with greater winnings, in addition to having a better chance of winning than other games which operate at more difficult standards. It is of course super important that you have the hang of the game rules, but again, just like slot games, you just need a couple of practice rounds on the free play variation.


Roulette is probably one of the oldest casino games in history and circulation. Brought to life by a French physicist by mistake, many people all over the world grew very fond of the game and used it to entertain themselves within social meetings. Nowadays, players have the choice of playing more than one variant of the game. There are French and European options, in addition to American roulette which is considered to be more difficult than the other two games, due to the extra double zero pocket. This changes the odds and increases the house edge. 


Poker is of course a very typical favorite, especially with Hollywood utilizing this game the most within epic movie scenes. While poker is not only a game of strategy, many enjoy playing this game for the ability to explore the world of bluffing and the tactics you need to employ to make sure you walk away with a large pot of money. 

Poker of course has multiple variations that you can explore from Texas Hold’em to multi-hand variations that operate at an accelerated pace to make things more interesting and exciting. There is definitely heat when you play this game against many opponents!


Last but not least we have a game that utilizes dice to base its betting system around. While this game is not nearly as popular as it should be i.e. at the top of the list, it still does come in as one of the tops played games. The goal of the game is very simple, and that is to predict the roll of the dice and wager on your prediction. Should you come out with the correct roll in alignment with your wager, you win some money. Of course, a dice can give you a soft roll or a hard roll, should you bet on a hard roll of double numbers, that is where the money is found for players, and understandably, as it can be quite difficult to achieve.

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