The Most Popular 3-row SUVs

How long have you dreamed of purchasing an SUV? Sports utility vehicles are rightfully considered among the most popular vehicles. They offer an excellent ride height, cargo space, and all-weather grip.

The largest number of SUVs are either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, which boosts their performance in cold and wet weather. These vehicles range from small models to literal giants. The most prominent three-row SUVs in the market include the Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Durango, Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder, Kia Sorento, Volkswagen Atlas, etc.

Have a detailed look at each of these models.

Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse features one of the largest third rows and most spacious cargo areas, owing to its length of over 17 feet. In fact, there are twenty-three cubic feet of cargo space right behind the third row, large enough to accommodate six bags. Regarding legroom, the second row provides 38.4 inches of legroom compared to the 33.5 inches of legroom of the third row. Find out more about the powertrain, design, first generation, and second generation of Chevrolet Traverse.

Moreover, the passenger capacity of Chevrolet Traverse is a maximum of eight people. It has a bench seat in the second row and optional captain’s chairs. Access to driver-assistance technology is reserved for the costliest models, including lane-keeping assist and emergency braking.

This SUV has a fantastic infotainment system and an optional entertainment system for the rear seats. Regarding the features, the Chevrolet Traverse allows owners to take advantage of the onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto phone integration.

Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is a remarkably fast 3-row SUV with the largest towing capacity. The V-8 version of this vehicle has a maximum towing capacity of 8700 pounds when supported by the Tow N Go package. Besides its fascinating capacity for towing, the Dodge Durango provides an absolutely comfortable ride.

Additionally, its seating capacity is eight people with the second-row bench. This capacity is reduced to seven with the optional captain’s chairs. The second row features legroom of 38.6 inches, whereas the third row is roomy as well, offering 33.5 inches of legroom. The cargo space behind the third row is seventeen cubic feet. This SUV comes with an 8.4’’ touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There’s an optional screen of 10.1 inches as well.

Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot shares more similarities with a minivan than with an SUV. The priority of manufacturers when designing this SUV was safety, which is why each model is equipped with driver-assistance technology in the form of emergency braking, cruise control, and lane-keeping assist.

Regarding infotainment, the Honda Pilot provides a family-friendly infotainment system, including rear-seat entertainment, a 4G mobile hotspot, and even a PA system named Cabin Talk. The last infotainment feature is optional for parents who wish to communicate with their children in the back seat. The Honda Pilot can hold seven or eight people.

The legroom in the second row is 38.4 inches, whereas the third row provides fantastic 31.9 inches. The cargo space behind the back seat is nineteen cubic feet, spacious enough to hold four carry-on bags. Every Honda Pilot comes with a touchscreen of eight inches, along with LED taillights and headlights. Visit this site,, to learn more about how LED is lighting up the world.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is among the most popular SUVs available for purchase. It’s a three-row SUV offering a smooth ride with a ten-speed automatic. It can seat either six or seven people, depending on whether you choose a second-row bench or bucket seats. There are 39.5 inches of legroom in the second row and 33.3 inches in the third row. The cargo area behind the third row is twenty-one cubic feet.

Buyers can purchase a hybrid Ford Explorer as well, which offers an excellent fuel economy. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard models with a small touchscreen of 8 inches. Nevertheless, individuals can opt for a larger infotainment screen of ten inches, which is placed vertically. The Explorer’s towing capacity is 5300 pounds.

Nissan Pathfinder

Another SUV considered the favorite of many families is the Nissan Pathfinder. The capacity of towing is relatively high compared to the other SUVs, as this sport utility vehicle can tow up to 6000 pounds. The driver assistance technology of the Nissan Pathfinder includes rear parking sensors and emergency braking as standard features.

Furthermore, passengers in the second row are offered the most legroom of 41.7 inches. In contrast, the third row is among the tightest, as it’s only 30.7 inches. The cargo space behind the back seat is limited as well, only sixteen cubic feet. The fifth-generation Nissan Pacifier has a wider third row that increases the overall passenger capacity to eight people.

Kia Sorento         

The Kia Sorento is another popular SUV mainly due to its affordability and impeccable safety ratings. The powertrain options are indeed various, including a hybrid version. This vehicle is quite luxurious regarding the used materials, as it goes beyond black plastic. It can seat up to seven people.

In addition, its second row has spacious legroom of 39.4 inches, while its third row has average legroom of 31.7 inches. This row is best suited for kids. The cargo volume of Kia Sorento is fairly small, only eleven cubic feet. Buyers curious about its towing capacity should know that it’s only 3500 pounds. As for entertainment, neither a rear-seat entertainment system nor a Wi-Fi hotspot is provided.

Volkswagen Atlas

Another vehicle that’s earned its spot among the most popular SUVs is the Volkswagen Atlas. Nowadays, the selection of luxury SUV with third row is indeed extensive. The Volkswagen Atlas has the appearance of a rugged vehicle for family transportation, which is emphasized by its roomy cabin and generous cargo space. It provides seating for seven people and has the potential to hold four carry-on bags in the cargo area of 21 cubic feet.

On the subject of third-row legroom, the Volkswagen Atlas is more than generous by offering 33.7 inches. Anyhow, people sitting in the second row are offered less than the average legroom of 37.6 inches. While blind-spot monitoring and the emergency braking are included, lane-keeping assistance isn’t offered. Basic models feature a touchscreen of 6.5’’, while premium models are upgraded to a screen of 8’’ with additional USB ports and two extra speakers.

The Volkswagen Atlas isn’t the most generous SUV with reference to family-friendly infotainment. Nevertheless, it offers up to seventeen cup holders.

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned SUVs are all worth the purchase.

Find the best fit!


Viral Rang
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