How to Move a Grand Piano When You’re Relocating

A grand piano adds rhythm and melody to your life but moving it can be a challenge. Here’s how to move a grand piano when you’re relocating.

When moving, you have to take stock of all your belongings and figure out the best way to get them from point A to point B. If you own a piano, your first question is probably about how to move a grand piano.

Hiring professional movers may be convenient, but it can cost thousands of dollars. Budget-conscious homeowners will likely be considering how to move their pianos by themselves. However, a grand piano can weigh between 622 and 990 pounds. It’s not a simple project.

Move a Grand Piano

To find out how you can safely and successfully move your grand piano, carefully read the guide below.

How to Move a Grand Piano

Before you move a grand piano, you have to dedicate time to planning how to move it. The goal is to keep everyone involved and the piano safe.

Remember, your piano has thousands of delicate, moving parts inside of it. Dropping it can be catastrophic.

Prepare for the Move

Planning to move a grand piano involves a lot of measuring. You have to measure your moving path, as well as the new space that the piano will sit.

Not only do you have to plan out your path, but you also need to clear it as well. This isn’t just for making sure the piano will fit, but to make sure no one trips on the way.

Ask for Help

Moving a grand piano is not a one-man job. You’ll need to contact a team of helpers. Even a small piano needs at least 3 people to safely move it. Ask around for help and decide on each person’s specific role. Review your path and plans with everyone before the move.

Remove the Legs

A grand piano is a little trickier to move than a standard piano because the legs need to be removed. The piano will need to be screwed and strapped into a special piece of equipment called a piano skid board. This board is assigned by size so make sure you have the right one for your piano.

The piano should be placed on its side on top of the skid board. Additionally, you will need to place the piano and skid board on a dolly. Double-check that the dolly can support the weight of your grand piano.

Hiring Some Help

If you have the budget, hiring professional help to move the piano might be a good idea. For a grand piano, this service can cost up to $1,000, so make sure to compare pricing among different piano moving services.

If you find yourself getting stuck, it’s better to contact specialty movers rather than compromise your safety.

More DIY and Lifestyle Tips

Planning out how to move a grand piano takes time. Of course, you can always skip all the hard work and simply hire someone to do it. Unfortunately, paying someone to move a grand piano is not cheap. Evaluate your physical and financial situation before making this decision.

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