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Must Have Features for Your New Car

Long gone are the days when car owners were impressed by in-car cassette players, now it’s all about onboard entertainment systems, AI safety features, and quite frankly cool technology. So, what are the must-have features for your new car?

Automatic emergency braking

Car manufacturers are spending big on cutting edge safety features, and automatic emergency braking should be top of your wish list. The system works by applying the brakes on its own to prevent a collision, or at least reduce the force of impact.

You should also consider upgrading to a forward collision warning, which gives drivers a visual and/ or audible warning that a collision may be imminent. You should also read about a vehicles safety rating for a full overview of each car too.

Rear cross-traffic warning

When the car is in reverse, the rear cross warning system notifies the driver when sensors detect that a vehicle or an object is approaching and could be moving into the car’s path.

Similarly, rear-view cameras are becoming a standard feature in many new cars. But, remember they should be used in conjunction with your mirrors not instead of!

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Despite the ban on mobile phones behind the wheel, deaths as a result of drivers being distracted by phones continues to increase. Phones that connect automatically to the car’s infotainment system encourage drivers to put their phones down and interact with the car’s built-in screen or steering wheel control – letting them pay more attention to driving.

Wi-Fi hotspot

It’s no secret we’re relying more and more heavily on the internet to keep us connected, and now car manufacturers are making it easier than ever. The Wi-Fi hotspot part of the telematics system allows passengers to use mobile devices without eating up their data.

Similar to a home Wi-Fi network, users pay a monthly fee – often cheaper than a data plan from a wireless phone carrier. Perfect if you’re traveling long distances and have children that need entertaining.

Adjustable driver’s seats

Known as Power seats, these adjustable seats help drivers find a comfortable driving position. With movable cushions on the driver’s seatback that can provide extra support for the lower back.

This is especially useful in cars where more than one person does the driving. The additional support makes long-distance driving easier and reduces fatigue too.

It’s worth noting that many of these sought after features are also available in specially adapted accessible vehicles from companies like Allied Mobility too. So, if you do require additional assistance, your vehicle really can do it all.

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