Must-Have Trending Gadgets That People Are in Love With in 2020

2020 has been a year like no other, and it’s taking all of our ingenuity to get through it in one piece. We’re all having to find ways to cope with the curveballs life is throwing, be that through self-care, hard work, or picking up a new hobby.

It only makes sense that the gifts you give your loved ones this year should help them with whatever they’re using their quarantine time to pursue. Whether they’ve developed a newfound love for gaming or picked up indoor gardening, one of 2020’s coolest trending gadgets is sure to make them smile.

Read on for a list of the most unique tech gifts that’ll make this ridiculous year a little more fun.

For the Green Thumb

Many people who’ve been stuck inside during quarantine find themselves longing for the great outdoors. What better way to satisfy that craving than to bring the outdoors in with houseplants?

If your loved one has given in to the indoor gardening craze, a smart garden could be the perfect gift to tell them you care. Smart gardens come with pre-filled seed pods, grow lights, and modern-looking planters. Some of the more expensive options also have humidifiers, soil monitors, and automatic watering systems.

These gardens are perfect for city apartment dwellers with limited light or window space. With a flourishing little countertop garden, they’ll always have fresh herbs and vegetables on hand for grilling, cooking, or making cocktails.

For the Art Aficionado

If you know an art lover who’s been devastated by not being able to visit their favorite museums, there’s a trending gadget out there that can bring a rotating gallery to the comfort of their living room.

Remember the digital photo frames your grandparents filled with hundreds of family photos? The Meural Canvas takes that idea and turns it into a showstopping centerpiece for your wall.

The Meural Canvas’s display is an anti-glare matte screen that looks like a real framed work of art. You can choose from thousands of the world’s most famous works of art and display them in lifelike detail. If your friend is an artist, they can also upload photos of their work to showcase.

For the Music Lover

Headphones with cords are so 2010. If you have a music-loving friend who’s still tethered to their phone when jamming out, it’s time to gift them a pair of high-quality Bluetooth headphones.

While Apple’s AirPods are the most well-known brand of wireless earbuds, there are plenty of competitors that give them a serious run for their money. You can choose from sleek, almost invisible earbuds, sports models that won’t fall out of your ears during exercise, or cushioned noise-canceling headphones for an unparalleled listening experience.

If you’re replacing a pair of AirPods that stopped working, though, don’t head to the store just yet. Follow these instructions for resetting AirPods to make sure it isn’t a software issue. If that still doesn’t work, it’s time to invest in a new pair.

For the Pup Parent

It seems like smart technology is everywhere you look these days. One place you might not have expected it to pop up, though, is hanging around your darling pup’s neck.

Even if you didn’t have any dog lovers in your life before 2020, there’s a good chance you do now—pet adoption spiked during the early months of COVID-19 as people longed for connection. If you want to get them a great gift for their pooch without adding to the pile of toys, a smart collar could be the answer.

Smart collars work like a cellphone for your dog. They operate on a data plan and provide you with everything from GPS trackers to activity monitors. You can even connect your phone to the collar and use it to store vet records, help with bark training, and more.

For the Caffeine Addict

With so many of us staying in and working from home, coffee lovers across the nation have had to stop relying on baristas and make their cups of joe. As such, any easy gadget that elevates their coffee game is sure to be a treasured gift.

A mug warmer isn’t the fanciest or most expensive gadget on this list, but if you’re shopping on a budget, it’s the perfect way to say you care without breaking the bank. These smart coasters work like an electric blanket for your coffee. They monitor the temperature and heat it automatically to keep the beverage hot for over an hour.

With a mug warmer on their desk, your loved one can sip their drink without running to the microwave every 20 minutes. You’re not only helping them stay caffeinated, you’re investing in their productivity, too!

For the Avid Gamer

Video games give us an escape from reality that can’t be beaten. During a year that nearly everyone wants to escape from, it’s no surprise that game sales have skyrocketed. If your friends are taking their gaming more seriously than ever before, why not give them the gift of ultimate immersion with a VR headset?

Virtual reality lets you experience a video game first-person, making it feel like you’re part of the action. Most hardcore gamers will suggest buying an Oculus Rift for its cross-platform compatibility and crystal-clear graphics. If you can’t afford the $1000 price tag, though, there are plenty of up-and-coming competitors to choose from.

Which of These Trending Gadgets Will You Choose?

When it comes to these trending gadgets, it isn’t difficult to find a gift that someone will love. The hard part is deciding whether to just buy one for your friend or get a second one to keep for yourself!

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