5 Must-Know Marriage Tips for a Happier Partnership

Did you know that marriage was one of the first non-biological factors to be associated with a longer lifespan? Thanks to the continued physical and emotional support, married people tend to have better protection against premature death.

Of course, researchers note that these benefits only work if you stay married—which can take a significant amount of learning and effort! If you’re wondering how to have a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime, here are some key marriage tips to keep in mind.

Always Assume the Best

No matter what happens in your relationship, assume that your partner had good intentions in mind. Be prepared to give each other the benefit of the doubt, and don’t forget to look for the qualities you fell in love with! Neither of you will be perfect, which is why it’s important to approach your significant other with compassion.

Don’t Look for Completion

Waiting for someone to fulfill you can stifle your self-growth, making you both too dependent on each other’s presence. In other words, your spouse should compliment you, not complete you.

Instead of allowing your relationship to become codependent, take time to nurture your own friendships, goals, and interests. Have faith that the two of you will continue growing together as you become more secure in who you are.

The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together

While it’s healthy to do things separately, spending time together is the cornerstone of any relationship. This gets much easier—and more fun—when the two of you take time to explore common interests and hobbies. Finding things you enjoy doing together can deepen your connection and open up opportunities to share and compromise.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Marriage Help

Marriage guidance and couples counseling aren’t things you can only do when your relationship is falling apart. The truth is that even the healthiest relationships need work from time to time, and many people don’t find some aspects of married life as intuitive as they first hoped.

That’s where a professional comes in. Talking to a relationship coach, taking a marriage course, or working with a licensed therapist can be a great way to make the most of your relationship.

Fight Right

Arguments happen to even the happiest couples, but that doesn’t mean that fights need to get nasty. Whenever possible, avoid starting a discussion when you’re frustrated or angry, and take a break from the conversation if you find it hard not to resort to disrespectful statements.

Instead, try to make each argument as productive as possible by listening to each other’s points of view and learning to compromise. Both of these skills can take work, so consider investing your time and effort in learning to negotiate conflict in a healthier way.

Follow These Marriage Tips for a Lasting Relationship

There are no quick tricks to a successful lifelong marriage. Instead, moving forward with compassion, love, and a willingness to compromise are tried-and-tested marriage tips to live by. Learning to support each other through thick and thin will take time and energy, but the end result—a lasting and loving relationship—is well worth the effort.

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