Myths About Drinking Coffee You Shouldn’t Believe

There is no hiding the fact that Australians love coffee. A study in 2021 shows that the most loved coffee of Australians is a latte, around 27% of the entire coffee cups sold in cafes were of latte.

It shows the love of coffee people have there. And it is not only Australia, and globally, but there are also only a few people who do not consume at least a single cup of coffee every day.

More and more people are trying this beverage. However, myths and lies about this beverage are numerous, making people second-guess this drink and its effectiveness.

For instance, Nespresso pods coffee makes you dehydrated is one of the negative things people say about coffee. However, it is more complicated than that, a straight yes is not the right answer.

Here are a few more myths about coffee that you should avoid and enjoy this warm drink guilt-free. (In moderation, of course)

Myth 1: People with diabetes or at risk of developing it should not drink coffee

It is one myth you should not give heed to. Many studies conclude that drinking at least one cup of coffee a day can reduce your chances of developing diabetes. So, if you are at risk of developing one, or you have diabetes, include coffee preferably black or espresso.

Make sure your Nespresso pod is not full of sugar or artificial syrup. Go for black, espresso, or latte with low-fat or vegan milk. Even decaffeinated coffee is perfect for people with or at risk of diabetes.

Myth 2: Drinking coffee in the afternoon causes insomnia

Another myth, makes people judge that afternoon pick-me-up that coffee lover always craves. When you drink coffee in the afternoon, the liver processes it at lightning speed and flushes it out of the body within 4-7 hours.

So, even if you drink your last coffee at 3 or 4, your night sleep will not face any challenges. The downside of drinking late coffee is for people whose body flushes coffee slowly out of the body.

Myth 3: Using boiling water on the ground works better

No, it doesn’t. If you pour hot water whose temperature is above 200F, it will not only burn your tongue, but it will extract bitter oil from the grounds of coffee beans. That will give a hint of bitterness to it, which doesn’t taste pleasant.

Also, do not underboil the water as it will not mix well with the coffee beans, and it will taste like mud. There is a correct water temperature for brewing coffee, and if you use that, your coffee will come out perfectly.

Another tip is to never drink boiling coffee or any other beverage as it can cause esophagus cancer.

Myth 4: Coffee is great for a hangover

Undoubtedly no! Coffee has caffeine, so yes, it can stop the grogginess and make you a bit alert. However, it doesn’t cure a hangover. The alcohol in your bloodstream will leave after a while only. All you can do is exercise, hydrate, or stop getting drunk.

Myth 5: Coffee is too addictive

Coffee is not addictive; it is the caffeine in it that makes you an addict. And not too much. It stimulates the central nervous system, so it is a bit addictive. But if you plan to quit coffee, the withdrawal system will only last you two days.

It is not as addictive as alcohol or drugs, yet it gets a bad rep. So, drink your coffee and do not worry about any withdrawal symptoms, if you plan to quit it anytime.

Myth 6: Coffee is great for weight loss

The stimulant in Nespresso pods coffee can slightly impact your metabolism and help in weight loss. However, there is no evidence to support that drinking coffee every day helps with your weight management goal.

It can make you alert if you drink it before a workout, making the exercise energetic and fun. But it is not something to drink for the sake of losing weight.

Myth 7: Pregnant women shouldn’t drink coffee

They can drink one cup of coffee a day. Not more than that! No studies show that coffee is harmful to the child. However, to be safer, either drink decaf or do not drink coffee at all. Every coffee drinker faces guilt and judgment over their coffee love.

With these myths busted, you can enjoy this delicious drink without any guilt.

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