Natural Hair Products: Are They as Effective?

The beauty industry is offering more and more natural and organic products. Some companies are even rebranding to focus on natural ingredients. But are natural hair products as good as their chemical counterparts?

Effectiveness is a relative concept. It will depend on why you are looking for hair products in the first place. It is also important to make sure that the products that are labeled as “natural” really are such. Some brands will use questionable marketing practices, such as stating “With natural oils” that are far from being natural. A good place to start is to choose from the right sources, such as Cel’s website.

To determine if natural hair products are good or not, let’s explore some of their advantages and disadvantages and compare them to their chemical counterparts.

Disadvantages of Chemical-based Hair Products

Chemical agents, such as isopropyl alcohol, can change the natural qualities of your hair. Isopropyl alcohol is found in most chemical-based shampoos. Inhalation of chemical agents (for example, while washing your hair) can cause headaches and nausea. Scientists are also warning of long-term effects on health. Your scalp is skin that absorbs all chemical agents. While the first problem can be scalp irritation, it can cause significantly more dangerous conditions, such as poisoning.

Advantages of Chemical-based Hair Products

Some chemical formulas are very good moisturizers. Most chemical shampoos, for example, can better break buildup. Some formulas are great in treating damages from overheating and exposure to bleach or coloring products.

Disadvantages of Natural Products

Reparation is not “instant”. While with some chemical-based products you may see instant results, organic or natural formulas tend to take longer. Another issue with natural products is that selection may not be as wide, thus finding a product that is right for your hair may be more difficult. Finally, organic and natural products may have higher prices.

Advantages of Natural Products

  • They protect the integrity of hair fiber. Chemical-based products may cover the fibers and damage them at the same time. Natural products add to each fiber because they are rich in nutrients.
  • They gradually bring your hair to a healthier condition. This is also an added value of nutrient-rich, natural formulas. While the benefits may take longer to be seen, they are longer-lasting.
  • They usually help protect follicles, leading to less thinning and hair loss. Most natural formulas will also stimulate follicles, so they will be constantly producing new strands.
  • They are significantly better for the environment. If you think about it, everything that you use to wash your hair will end up in the ocean. So keeping it free from harmful chemicals is always a good idea. Some brands are incorporating shampoo bars that also help produce less plastic.
  • They are free of hazardous elements that may damage your scalp and skin. As we said before, chemicals don’t stay at a skin level. While the long term effects of exposure to these chemicals are still not widely researched, it’s better to remain safe.
  • They are less prone to cause allergies. Allergic reactions can be severe, but natural based products have fewer risks.
  • Anti-aging effects: because natural products promote overall hair health and stimulate follicles, your hair will last longer.

Natural products are available from commercial brands, but there are also excellent homemade remedies and alternatives:

  • Use apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo. This is a good way to let your hair rest from daily shampooing. You can alternate weekly to promote better hair health.
  • Make your hair masks. Bananas, avocados, honey, and dairy products are great alternatives to commercial hair masks. And they are cheaper too.
  • Use olive oil to style your hair and make it shinier

So, are They as Effective?

If you are looking for immediate solutions, natural products may not be as effective. But, while chemical-based hair products may seem to help, in the long run, they may be more harmful. As you can see, there are significant benefits that come from choosing natural hair products, but if you are still hesitating, a good idea can be to make a gradual change. Alternate between the products that you use and natural alternatives and see what feels best for you.

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