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Necessary Bring-Alongs – Sell At Craft Fairs


So many variables exist when you are exhibiting at a craft show. Bad weather can come, you can find yourself lost in an unfamiliar country, car troubles, cash shortages, problems with your displays – all are pitfalls that can happen – and all are what you should be prepared for.

If you plan on traveling to many craft shows, problems are inevitable. We have come up with a list of things that can help you be prepared for many of the woes that may come your way in your crafting adventures.

Always carry a roll of duct tape with you. There’s a reason why NASCAR calls it 200 miles an hour tape. Duct tape is great for so many purposes. It can help hold up displays, signage and even repair a damaged canopy. It’s inexpensive and small enough to bring without a hassle. Keep a few rolls on hand for all those little repair needs that may arise.


Always have a cell phone on you. In this day and age, a cell phone seems to be normality, but when you are a crafter at a remote site where a telephone is not readily available, you’ll be glad you have a cell phone on you.

It’s no fun having mechanical problems in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar town. A cell phone can help you find assistance if you need it. Not to mention other things like when you are running late, being able to notify show officials and your hotel as to when you will be arriving.

We are of the opinion that cell phones were invented for emergencies initially and then blew into a huge market. Now they are considered essential, but even if you don’t feel the same way, a small investment into a pre-paid phone will pay off in the long run!


Don’t leave behind the tools! Screwdrivers, a hammer, scissors, pliers and even a cordless drill can be very handy in unexpected situations. You never know when you’ll need to tighten a leg on a table or drive a stake into the ground at an outdoor event.

Keep all you’re tools in an easily accessible place for when you need them.

Cub Scouts believe in being prepared. So do we. You never know when something will happen. In these cases, it’s good to have a well-stocked first-aid kit readily available.

This should include not only bandages and antiseptics but things like aspirin and antacids. They might seem like little things until you need them. Believe me, it’s no fun walking booth to booth at a crowded show asking other exhibitors if you can buy aspirin from them when you have a splitting headache!


Even when you’re not at a craft show, you should always have a list of important numbers on you at all times. This includes more than just phone numbers, too.

The important numbers include your vehicle license number, the phone number to the show officials, the number to the hotel where you will be staying and the number to your auto insurance carrier are all important numbers to keep in a handy spot.

You may be late to a show and need to let officials and your hotel know that you will be arriving late. You may have an accident and need to contact your insurance agent. It’s very helpful to keep these numbers easy to reference ahead of time in the event of an emergency instead of having to find the information in a confused rush.


Also, have on hand emergency contact numbers in the event that anything should happen to you. Write this information down too. Keep in close by with a note on it in bold writing that states “In The Event of an Emergency…”

Unfortunately, in this day and age, you need to address the issue of security while you’re at the show. You don’t want your hard work to go to waste because of a thief.

We hope you enjoy this full craft fair guide to sell your crafts at craft fairs, this is the Part Eleven, find the full parts here:

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