Necessary Tips for Proper Posture While Working In the Office

An average employee spends at least eight hours per day sitting on an office desk. Others spend up to twelve hours per day, especially those who work for busy corporations. That period is reasonably long, and can easily stress the joints, or cause other health problems. Long sitting hours can also worsen the status of some chronic illnesses, cause musculoskeletal disorders, and eventually affect the productivity of the employees. While the type of office chair you use can significantly determine your posture, there are helpful posture tips that you try to avoid hurting your joints and muscles. Here are some of those essential tips for proper office posture:


1. Invest in a good office chair

A good office chair can help you maintain the right posture effortlessly. If your work requires sitting for long hours per day, review the current status of your office chair to know if it offers maximum support. You can also communicate with your manager to carry out a general assessment of the existing office chairs and possibly upgrade them if they are not comfy enough. In line with these chairs reviews, the best ergonomic chair should have an adjustable height and excellent lumbar support. It should also have a high-density back cushion to offer maximum support to your back muscles when sitting. There are hundreds of office chairs suitable for a modern corporate setting. Do your research on the best, and then replace the old ones to improve your office posture.


2. Learn to sit upright

It is normal to get distracted and to change your sitting positions at work. You should, however, try to maintain an upright position for the sake of your health. When you have a comfortable office chair, try to tilt and adjust it to the right angle or position, which provides maximum back support. As you sit, you should lay your feet flat on the ground, and keep your hips in a stable place on the chair. You should also:

  • Lean your back comfortably on the back
  • Avoid hunching your shoulders or your back unnecessarily on the chair
  • Add a cushion to your back to avoid leaving a space between your back and the chair
  • Avoid crossing legs when sitting

Ideally, you should adopt any sitting option which does not pain you or strain any part of your body.


3. Take some breaks

It’s essential to take a few breaks irrespective of the comfortability of your chair. According to experts, an average of a 30-minute long break can help you concentrate better, and avoid straining your back. Also, several studies show that the people who take regular breaks reduce their chances of suffering from chronic pain or straining their joints. During that break, you can take a cup of tea, a cup of water, make a call, or even stretch your muscles. You can also decide to walk for a short distance and come back to freshen your mind and your body. If you are forgetful about the breaks, be sure to set regular reminders on your phone or on your computer to alert you when the time break time is due.


4. Place your computer in the right place

Do not forget to adjust your computer, even as you make the chair adjustments. For maximum comfort, place the monitor strategically at a direct level to your eyes. When you set it too high, you will strain both your eyes and your neck as you struggle to see it. Similarly, you will also strain when you place it at a lower position. Modern computers are easy to adjust. For the conventional computers which cannot be changed, you can mount them on the wall, or place them on a long table whose height keeps you free from strain. If you use a laptop, find the right keyboard and mouse, and attach them to the laptop. In this way, you will avoid bending too much as you type on the laptop’s keyboard.


5. Observe your body changes

You might not completely protect yourself, but you can pay good attention to your well-being. Most spine problems usually start in the form of stiffness or mild pains that come and disappear. As such, you should never ignore any stiffness or strain on your neck or back. If possible, note all the changes that happen to your body. Make sure that you massage your body too once per week, to straighten the stressed points. Track your overall well-being, and contact a chiropractor immediately if the pains persist. A good medical practitioner will examine your body and advise you on the best office posture tips to observe.


It’s crucial to maintain a good sitting position, whether you are on your office desk or your vehicle car seat in the line of duty. When you observe the right posture, you will be more comfortable, and you will have fewer health problems. Follow the above tips and visit a doctor if you experience abnormal pains.


  1. Investing in a good ergonomic office chair is a good idea.
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