Need to Visit the Doctor? How to Still Get Treated in Quarantine

The quarantine in place in this country and around the world is helping to save lives, but it’s also creating problems. One of those problems is seeing a doctor if you need one for various reasons, but the following guide may help.


Through the Telephone

You should know that your doctor can do a lot for you on the phone. He or she can help you self-diagnose, and all you have to do is simply follow directions. Keep in mind that your doctor has your health information and history.

He or she can use past knowledge of your health and your self-diagnoses to come up with a plan to provide you with health care. Now, there are instances where this type of communication is not going to be sufficient. Your doctor will tell you if it is necessary to come in person. The goal is to avoid going in to protect you, the staff, and the doctor, but that is decided on a case by case basis.


Trying a Virtual Visit

A growing number of health care providers are doing their best to accommodate patients. Some people are doing this by taking calls from patients like you, but others are adopting even more modern solutions, such as video call visits. You can visit the best orthodontist in NYC now, but you’ll do it through video chats.

This is sometimes called telehealth, and it means the doctor or health care professional you needed will see you but through video. This allows the health care provider to see you, see how you are, and diagnose your health right through the video chat. Do your best to invest in a high-quality camera and good internet to give your doctor the clearest video image.


With Helpful Wearables

It may be a good idea to consider using wearables. Introducing wearables that can do things like monitor your heart rate among other things could be quite helpful. All of this information can be sent to your doctor and could allow him or her to help you even further during your visit even though you aren’t there.

Some wearables monitor your physical activity, which is pretty important nowadays when everyone is quarantining. Some of the apps linked to these devices could also help you monitor your food intake and nutrition. This information may be invaluable to your health care provider. He or she could use that live data to make your visit more productive even if it is done remotely. Talk to your health care professional to find out how to use wearables.


Direct Chats or Emails

Sometimes, calls or video chats are simply not possible. Maybe you are on the go for some reason, or maybe you simply don’t have a camera you can rely on. For those times, you may have to resort to having a visit through emails or chats.

Both of these could be easily done on your phone, and you’ve got the opportunity to share photos with your doctor that only he or she will see. It may be a little strange, but this is one way to continue visiting your doctor. A chat would be much more direct, but emails are just as good, and they give you the freedom to respond when you have the time. A chat is much more demanding, so it is up to you which one you choose to use.


Taking the Risk

A lot could be done for you through some of these forms of communication, including things like getting a prescription, but sometimes, you have to see a doctor. If the situation is dire or if your doctor deems it necessary, you’ll have to take the risk.

Each doctor is going to take precautions when accepting patients, so you’ll have to follow those guidelines. Usually, these include coming in when there aren’t many patients, making sure you wear protective gear, being on time, and being upfront about potential COVID-19 symptoms.


Now, you know how you’ll be able to see your doctor and get treated. This is the new reality people are learning to deal with, but things are going to get better if you continue to do your part.

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